Paddy and Plunkett, Livin’ it up in Lanzarote!

After last week’s post, some eagle-eyed readers were able to figure out that Paddy and Plunkett are currently enjoying a bit of winter (or late autumn!) sun in Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands. Lucky them! Shall we see where their wandering paws have taken them this week?

It seems like they’ve been making friends with some more of the locals, for starters!
Paddy and Plunkett make another new friend - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesHaving spent a lot of the early part of their stay enjoying the delights of the hotel they’d snuck into, this week they decided to venture further afield.

“Come on Plunkett, let’s head for the hills!”
Paddy and Plunkett go for a Trek - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesPaddy – full of beans as usual – was keen to see the island from the top of this mountain. All the more so after he found out that it used to be…
Paddy and Plunkett go for a Trek - H Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties…A VOLCANO!

Plunkett was a little less enthused at the prospect of encountering pyroclastic flow and rivers of red-hot lava – he hid behind the sofa when we were checking out Grim Reaper Beastie’s last set of travel pics – but once we’d confirmed that it’s a looooong time since this volcano last erupted, he was happy enough to continue with the climb.

Well, as long as there were frequent stops to admire the view, of course…
The View from the Volcano - H Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties“Are we nearly there yet, Paddy?”

“Almost… Just around the next corner!”
Volcano View - H Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties“Woooooooah! Look at that!”

Mind you, it was pretty breezy on the edge of the crater, so the boys didn’t stay long. On their way back down to sea level, Paddy spotted their next destination – he was all for making tracks to visit that lighthouse, way off in the distance!
Next Stop, Lighthouse! H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesHowever, Plunkett put his paw down.

“We’re supposed to be on holiday!”
Paddy and Plunkett Catch Some Rays - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd it turns out that it was surprisingly easy to win Paddy over to catching a few late-afternoon rays!

We’ll be back with more monster madness on Tuesday. In the meantime, have a great weekend… And Dubliners, don’t forget that you can catch us at the Creative Collective Ireland Craft Fair in Ranelagh this Saturday and Sunday!
Creative Collective Poster - Creative Collective Ireland/CrawCrafts Beasties

A Fitting Backdrop for a Grim Reaper Beastie! N Depping/CrawCrafts Beasties

Grim Reaper Beastie Gets Away From It All

Hey there everybody!

It’s been a while since I last received word from a globetrotting Beastie, so you can probably imagine how delighted I was when Grim Reaper Beastie got in touch earlier this week! As it happens, he’s been to Hawaii… but of course he had very little interest in going to a luau or hanging out on the beach in a brightly-coloured shirt (hilarious as that would be). I think you’ll agree that he looks much more in his element here…
A Fitting Backdrop for a Grim Reaper Beastie! N Depping/CrawCrafts Beasties… Because as we all know, the Hawaiian islands are a (literal!) hotbed of volcanic activity. And it seems that Grim Reaper Beastie is quite the amateur volcanologist – here he is again, scrambling around among the lava fields around Kilauea on Big Island!
Grim Reaper Beastie in Hawaii - N Depping/CrawCrafts BeastiesI think he looks right at home here, don’t you? However, not all of the rocks were suitable for such up-close inspection… For starters, there’s quite a lot of red hot liquid lava around.
Lava at Kilauea, Hawaii - N Depping/CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd if you think that’s awesome, you should see it after dark!
Lava in the Dark - N Depping/CrawCrafts BeastiesIt also helps to get a bird’s eye view… If you look really closely in the bottom third of this photo, you can see a few fine orange specks where the lava is meeting the sea – and the clouds of steam this produces!
Where the Volcano Meets the Sea - N Depping/CrawCrafts BeastiesFortunately, the lava around here moves pretty slowly, so Grim Reaper Beastie could watch it bubble up from the centre of the earth without having to worry about getting his toes burnt. Here, have a look for yourself!

Can anyone else see a monster face appearing in the hot lava towards the end of the video, or is that just me?!

But not every volcano in this area of Big Island is active. Grim Reaper Beastie finished up his tour at Devastation Trail, which was last affected by the eruption of Kilauea Iki in 1959. Here, shrubs and flowering plants have gradually started to recolonise this stark landscape of stones and cinders!
Grim Reaper Beastie at Devastation Trail - N Depping/CrawCrafts BeastiesA perfect end to a perfect day of exploration!

Thanks to Nicole for letting Grim Reaper Beastie stow away in her suitcase, and for sending me his holiday snaps – it looks like you had a super trip! And be sure to join us again on Tuesday to meet some new Beasties, then next Friday we’ll be sharing more Beastie adventures abroad! See you then!

Explorer Beastie Rocks!

Explorer Beastie at the Volcano

Another postcard from Explorer Beastie this morning! It turns out he’s quite the amateur geologist, and he’s been spending a few days checking out all the exciting stuff his destination has to offer. In the main picture, he’s peering into the caldera of an extinct volcano. There seem to be plenty of those around!

He’s also been scrambling through the lava fields…
Beastie Climbing Lava

… carelessly.
Tumble in the Lava - Oooops.

He even met some of the local wildlife in amongst the rocks…
Explorer Beastie with Lizard

… and discovered some interesting Beastie-sized caves.
Beastie Caves?

Later on, he found some more elegant rocks – a local green gemstone called Olivina, polished and teamed with black obsidian (volcanic glass) to make some pretty spiffy jewellery. Maybe I can expect a present…
Olivina Shop

Anyone know where he is yet?