Explorer Beastie Rocks!

Explorer Beastie at the Volcano

Another postcard from Explorer Beastie this morning! It turns out he’s quite the amateur geologist, and he’s been spending a few days checking out all the exciting stuff his destination has to offer. In the main picture, he’s peering into the caldera of an extinct volcano. There seem to be plenty of those around!

He’s also been scrambling through the lava fields…
Beastie Climbing Lava

… carelessly.
Tumble in the Lava - Oooops.

He even met some of the local wildlife in amongst the rocks…
Explorer Beastie with Lizard

… and discovered some interesting Beastie-sized caves.
Beastie Caves?

Later on, he found some more elegant rocks – a local green gemstone called Olivina, polished and teamed with black obsidian (volcanic glass) to make some pretty spiffy jewellery. Maybe I can expect a present…
Olivina Shop

Anyone know where he is yet?

12 thoughts on “Explorer Beastie Rocks!

  1. I do enjoy Explorer Beasties adventures, I hope he didn’t hurt himself on the Lava field, when you say you may expect a gift I presume you mean the spiffing jewellery & not the lizard LOL

    1. Hahaha! I’m not picky! Maybe I’ll get jewellery AND a lizard… As for his mishap in the lava field, I’m sure he’s fine. He’s a little clumsy, but he usually bounces back – he must get that from me!

      1. Have you any idea when to expect him home? mind you if he’s having a sun filled break why rush home 😀

        1. It certainly would be cruel and unusual to make him forsake the sunshine and come back to chilly Dublin right now! Perhaps he’ll even stop off at some other fun places on his way home…

    1. Apparently these lizards love bananas, so I suspect bribery had a significant part to play in getting this guy to strike a pose! That, and taking a LOAD of pictures in the hope of getting a couple of good ones!

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