A Very Beastie Engagement… Part 2

Hello there everyone! Wow, we had such a great weekend at the Richmond Barracks May Fair… So many Beasties headed off to new homes, and it was incredibly nice to get out and meet people again. If you were there and you’re checking out the BeastieBlog for the first time, welcome! Be sure to say hello in the comments.

And now, on with the Beastifications! Last time around, we met this pretty monster lady…

… But of course, it takes two to make an engagement work! Let’s meet the lucky fella, shall we?

Green Beastie Guy with beard, hair and beanie hat - Commissions by CrawCrafts Beasties

For this little monster guy, I took inspiration from the same engagement photo that I used as reference for his bride-to-be, and tried to capture the details of his outfit as closely as possible. So that started with his grey knitted beanie, and then I got to work on copying his outdoor jacket exactly.

Well, almost exactly. Wool, sheep and monster puns are not optional in the world of Beastie.

He also has a cosy handknitted scarf to complete his toasty outdoors ensemble.

And what about accessories? This Beastie’s human counterpart is a keen photographer, so a Kniton camera seemed like something he’d find useful.

Miniature Beastie camera made from felt with embroidered details - Commissions by CrawCrafts Beasties

It’s been a while since I last made one of these, so I was quite impressed that I was able to find the templates and that they still worked!

Beastie camera features - Miniature felt camera by CrawCrafts Beasties

As before, this Beastie-sized camera has a removable strap and lens, and details in felt appliqué or embroidery.

I think these two lil’ woolly monsters are ready to set out on their life together!

Wedding Beasties together - Wedding Gift Commission by CrawCrafts Beasties

But wait a sec… Who’s this?

It’s Mini-Tony!

Beastie-sized dog - Needle-felting by CrawCrafts Beasties

Mini-Tony mimics his full-size counterpart in every detail – I was lucky enough to find a video of Bigger Tony running around in the park, which made it easier to get his lovely markings just right.

Walkies, anyone?

Bespoke Beastie couple with dog - Wedding Commissions by CrawCrafts Beasties

That’s it for this Beastification… But there are more to come! I’ll see you for another one in a couple of weeks. And if you happen to be in and around Greystones next weekend, please drop in and say hi at my upcoming market…

Greystones CNS Summer Fair 12th June 2022

See you soon!

A Very Beastie Engagement

Well hello there, Beastie friends! I think it’s high time we started going over some of last year’s commissions, don’t you? There are so many new monster faces to meet! As I mentioned last time, 2021 was a bit of a mad one, and I was so busy making that I kinda forgot to do the polite thing and introduce those Beasties to the world!

So, where to start? How about something a bit special – a wedding commission! This project was requested by a regular customer of mine on behalf of her mum, whose best friend’s daughter (are you keeping up with all these connections?!) was planning to tie the knot last September. As it turned out, the bride is a well-known Irish influencer and travel consultant – check out her work, highly recommended if you’re planning to visit Ireland or book a staycation here. This made finding reference pictures an absolute breeze!

However, it also raised a little problem with the Beastie’s wardrobe. With so many photos to choose from, how could I be sure I was choosing an outfit that would still mean something in a few years, when fashions will surely have changed?

Luckily for me, a charming proposal story saved the day! The bride’s family now live on the Aran Islands, and it was during a visit there that the would-be groom popped the question. A photo taken just afterwards inspired the Beastified ensemble – a classic look of skinny jeans, slightly cropped sweater and a houndstooth check coat.

But, um, what are those in her pocket? Well, on the day of the proposal, the couple stepped out for a walk. The bride-to-be, completely unaware of what was brewing, had filled her coat pockets with carrots to feed to any horses they might meet along the way. Hard to resist a fun detail like that!

For the jacket, I wanted to match the fabric of the human-sized version as closely as possible… But alas, Dublin’s fabric shops were unable to oblige. All the checks were too big, and would swamp a little Beastie frame! When you’re making miniature clothes, EVERYTHING needs to shrink down, including any patterns or motifs on the material you use. But I wasn’t worried… When life hands you lemons, hit the charity shops! And sure enough, I found a skirt which fitted the bill perfectly. Better still, I’d bet my sewing machine that it had never even been worn – what a win!

The coat has carefully pattern-matched pockets (perfect for filling with carrots) and supporting wire in the collar so it sits open neatly.

And underneath…

… A little hand-knitted sweater! In the past year I’ve switched up my sweater design with new methods for casting on and casting off, plus the addition of a few strategic short rows to create a better neckline shape. This one also features slightly puffed sleeves – it was a delicate balance to make sure they weren’t too big for the jacket sleeves!

She’s also got a handy felt handbag, to carry any extra essentials.

And as we all know, Beastie bags usually have something hidden inside…


“Oh, sorry! Is that me? It is! Hold on a sec…”

Well, if a person (or Beastie) makes their living online, they HAVE to have a phone, don’t they?

This new-style Beast-iPhone has a reflective screen and (you might juuuuust be able to see in the photo on the right) a double-lens camera for those handy snaps when you’re out and about. It’s also got a magnet inside so the Beastie can really hold it!

I had so much fun with this commission! But, I hear you ask, where’s the other half of this happy Beastie couple? Don’t worry, we’ll meet him next time… And there may be another important addition to this party too. Stay tuned!

Marge Featured Image - Pug - CrawCrafts Beasties

What’s Pug Got To Do With It?

Hello there Beastie friends! I hope you’re all keeping well in these rather strange times. To keep things interesting, we’ve got a slightly different new project to share with you this week – a Beastified pug! Here she is now… Hello!

Beastie Marge the Mini Pug - CrawCrafts Beasties

This fuzzy felty lady could probably use a little introduction. Remember the wedding commission I did at the beginning of the year?
Well, the happy monster couple was only part of the deal. I was also asked to Beastify Marge, a charming and elegant pug who came into the guys’ life disguised as a humble birthday card, and then became a member (if not the ruling matriarch) of the family. Here she is getting ready to enjoy the marriage ceremony back in January.
Marge the Pug at the Wedding - CrawCrafts BeastiesUnfortunately, Beastie Marge wasn’t ready in time for the wedding. She takes her appearance very seriously, and that held things up a little! But while the boys and their Beasties were honeymooning, I had time aplenty to get busy with my felting needles.
Marge, the Beastie Pug - CrawCrafts BeastiesTa-daaaah! You know, it’s actually quite strange to see her with feet!

I also gave her a typically twisty pug tail…
Pug Tail - Needle Felting by CrawCrafts Beasties… And her glasses really have lenses!
Glasses for Marge - CrawCrafts BeastiesFinally complete, she was ready to hop in a box and travel to her new home. By all accounts, she’s settling in nicely!

And in un- pug related news…

… Explorer Beastie had a little bit of recovering to do after last week’s St Patrick’s Day festivities
Explorer Beastie after the party - CrawCrafts Beasties… Although, Beastie antics aside, it has been nice to be at home for the last week getting on with some commissions! They’ve been stacking up a bit this past while, but with my teaching schedule completely on hold for the time being, I’ve really been enjoying getting on with some teeny sewing!

Another aspect of monster-making life that’s fallen foul of the coronavirus is our occasional market days. We were hoping to get out to at least one Dublin Flea over the coming months, and to investigate some of the new opportunities that popped up over Christmas too. While an online store isn’t much of a substitute for the fun of a market day, I’ve been giving mine a much-needed refresh to tide me over until I can get behind a stall again. So do drop in and take a look around – or get in touch by email if you just want to talk monsters!

Well, that’s all my news – how are you lot getting on? Are you working from home, or getting stuck into some long-awaited new projects now your day-to-day routine has changed? Let me know all about it in the comments… And stay healthy, wherever you are!

Woolly Wedding Gift II – The Groom Arrives!

Hey everybody! I hope the new week (and new month) are treating you well! It’s been another busy week here at Beastie Towers… So much so that last Tuesday’s post feels like a loooong time ago! But you might remember meeting this lovely Beastie lady…
Everything for a Bridal Beastie - CrawCrafts Beasties… And getting a brief peek at the handsome monster man in her life, too!
The Happy Couple, Wedding Gift Beasties by CrawCrafts BeastiesThis happy pair were created as a one-of-a-kind wedding gift, to be given to the groom on the big day itself! So perhaps we should take this opportunity to get to know him a little better.

Hey there, Mr Adam Beastie!
Mr Adam Beastie, A Wedding Gift Commission by CrawCrafts BeastiesAhhh, look at that winning smile!

In keeping with the “us as we are everyday” wardrobe brief, I kitted him out in knitted jeans and a bright green felt t-shirt. I think the zingy lime shade really makes the most of his lovely blue complexion!
Adam Beastie's Outfit - Wedding Gift Beasties by CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd what’s this? Do we have another guitar-playing Beastie in our midst? I think so!
Beastie Guitar - Wedding Gift Beasties by CrawCrafts BeastiesAs usual, I’ve tried to capture the essence of Human Adam’s favourite guitar in Beastified form! This process always takes a while – when I made my first Beastie guitar many years ago, I couldn’t have imagined the huge number of shapes the humble guitar could potentially take! Every Beastie guitar calls for a serious tweaking of existing templates – if not a complete redesign.

That said, the end result always makes me smile… And I’m grateful that I’ve never (yet) been asked to Beastify something really tricky, like a tuba or a trombone! Perhaps you’d like to play us something, Adam Beastie?
Adam Beastie Plays Guitar! CrawCrafts BeastiesAaaah, music to my ears! And it looks like I’m not the only one enjoying it…
Sweet Beastie Music - CrawCrafts BeastiesHis Beastie Bride certainly seems to be a fan too! Oh, and who’s this coming over to join them?
Who's This? A Beastie Family, by CrawCrafts BeastiesIt’s Zoey, their fuzzy, faithful Beastiedog!
Beastie Zoey - Needle-felted Dog by CrawCrafts BeastiesBeastie Zoey was an essential part of this wedding gift, and I brought her to life through the magic of needle felting! She’s also wearing a felt collar personalised with her initial, so there’s no mistaking who she is.

Oh, it looks like she’d like to get to know YOU a little better!
Beastie Zoey Smiles - CrawCrafts BeastiesBut of course, her heart belongs to her adopted mum!
Doggies are a Beast's Best Friend - CrawCrafts BeastiesLooks like doggies really ARE a Beast’s best friend!

And now that everyone’s here, it’s time for…
Walkies! Wedding Gift Beasties by CrawCrafts Beasties…WALKIES!

Thanks again to Kristen for requesting this super-special wedding gift, and trusting me to Beastify her family! It’s been a lot of fun, and got me trying out some new skills to boot!

Oh, and in case you missed Saturday’s post, I blitzed the final 3 calendar pages of 2018 at the end of last week, and uploaded them all together as a single handy package.
Calendar October to December - CrawCrafts BeastiesAs usual, they’re totally free… So don’t forget to grab your copy from our online store! And October’s page is a bit special, because it’s another colour-it-yourself drawing. We’d love to see your finished masterpieces, so tag ’em on Instagram or Twitter with #beastiegallery so I can enjoy them!

To inspire you, here’s one Weekes did earlier!


And now I’m off to set a good example, and colour mine in too! I’ll be back next week with some autumnal pictures from Dublin’s parks, so be sure to join us then!

Have a super week!

Kristen Beastie by CrawCrafts Beasties

Woolly Wedding Day!

Hello there Beastie friends! It’s Tuesday again, and guess what? It’s another new Beastie day! I think I might have mentioned once or twice that I had a pretty busy summer, and I love that I can share these creations with you at last. Today’s project was commissioned as a very special surprise gift from a bride-to-be to her new hubby on their wedding day. So, no pressure!

How about we start with the beautiful Beastie bride?
Kristen's Wedding Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesThe brief for this Beastification was to show how this couple looks every day, rather than their one-off wedding outfits. So Mrs Kristen Beastie is wearing her favourite yoga pants and a stylish vest top… Although I couldn’t resist adding some extra detail on the back of the top to make it extra special!
Crossover Detail on Vest Top - CrawCrafts BeastiesI also had a great time capturing her multi-toned blonde hair!

Oh, and in case you were wondering what that blue stripe across her front in the first picture was…
Yoga Mat and Bag - CrawCrafts BeastiesIt’s a Beastie-sized yoga mat in its own custom-made bag! The mat has an embroidered edge that matches Mrs Beastie’s vest top, while the bag has a handy drawstring closure decorated with silver beads.

And speaking of all things silver and sparkly… Perhaps it’s time to add a little extra glamour to the proceedings!
Beastie Tiara by CrawCrafts BeastiesWaaaay back at the beginning of this Beastification, Kristen Beastie’s human counterpart sent a few photos to help me along. One of them showed her dressed for a big night out, with a twinkly tiara to complete the look. She asked if I could make a Beastie-sized version… How could I resist a challenge like that?!

I used silver-coated wire and Swarovski crystal beads to create the teardrop-shaped loops of the original in miniature. It was fun to work with these new materials, but they’re much harder on your hands than the soft wool and felt I usually work with. So, I have a new respect for all the jewellery makers out there! And although I wasn’t able to capture it on camera, the sparkle and rainbow reflections from the crystal beads when they caught the sunlight was off the charts! I might need to make one of these for myself…

After that, this little monster lady just needed one more thing to complete her lineup of accessories…
Starbeasts Coffee - Beastie Coffee Cup by CrawCrafts BeastiesWell, she has to keep her energy up, doesn’t she? And since a Beastie could easily take a bath in a human-size grande latte from international coffee purveyors Starbucks, she’s chosen a caffeinated pick-me-up from her local Starbeasts instead. Delicious!

This Beastie beverage comes in a wool felt cup, with needle-felted sculpted lid and a hand-embroidered Starbeasts logo. And it just fits nicely in her little woolly paw!
Everything for a Bridal Beastie - CrawCrafts BeastiesReady to go!

But wait, you probably need more than one person for a wedding! Has anyone seen Mr Beastie?

Aha! There he is.
The Happy Couple, Wedding Gift Beasties by CrawCrafts BeastiesA handsome fellow indeed! But you’ll have to wait until next week to meet him… And there might be another family member joining us in the pictures too, so stay tuned!

Also, don’t forget to swing by again on Friday for a between-the-numbers post about Beastie calendars… See you then!

The Happy Couple - CrawCrafts Beasties

Another Monster Big Day!

Wedding Beasties, by CrawCrafts BeastiesHey there Beastiebuddies! It’s Tuesday again, so that means I am duty bound to introduce you to the newest arrivals here at Beastie Towers – and since wedding season is still in full swing, it looks like you’re actually getting TWO new Beasties for the price of one. Don’t say I ain’t good to ya!

Ooookaaay, where shall we start? Aha! Here comes the bride now.
Here Comes the Beastie Bride! CrawCrafts BeastiesIsn’t she pretty? I loved styling her beautiful long hair!

Her dress is an understated yet elegant ivory satin, with a fitted wool bodice and net petticoats, and she has a veil to match… topped with pale yellow roses, to complement her golden skintone.
Bride Beastie's Veil, by CrawCrafts BeastiesThis Beastie bride’s human counterpart is a big fan of board games, so I also made her a personalised miniature Scrabble tile necklace to complete her outfit!
A Beastie-Sized Scrabble Tile Necklace! CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd what’s that in her paw?
Beastie Carcassonne Board Game, by CrawCrafts BeastiesIt’s a “Carcassonne” board game, shrunk to Beastie size! Apparently this is the human bride’s very favourite board game, and I thought Beastie Bride would like one too.
Carcassonne Close-Up - CrawCrafts BeastiesI used felt as the background, then appliquéd hand-cut pieces of felt on for the larger blocks of colour, before adding in the details and lettering with hand-stitched embroidery. The finished box measures just 5x6cm!

But let’s not forget about the groom! He’s looking dapper in a navy felt and wool suit, and his golden yellow tie is a thoughtful nod to his lady-wife’s complexion.
Groom Beastie, by CrawCrafts Beasties And because he’s an enthusiastic Latin scholar and budding writer, I couldn’t quite convince him to leave his dictionary and favourite pen at home…
Groom Beastie's Accessories - CrawCrafts Beasties…But I did manage to attach them both to his jacket…
Groom Beastie's Accessories, Close-up - CrawCrafts Beasties…So he can show off his sweet dance moves at the reception!
Groom Beastie's Dance Moves - CrawCrafts BeastiesCongratulations to the bride and groom, and thanks to Niamh for requesting this fun commission as a gift for her friends!
The Happy Couple - CrawCrafts BeastiesWe’ll be back on Friday, when we’ll be checking up on Paddy and Plunkett. Let’s hope the sun is still shining on them, wherever they are…

Until then, have a super week!

Beach Beasties Take a Weight Off - CrawCrafts Beasties

Summertiiiiiiime… And the livin’ is Beastieeeee!

Summertime Wedding Beasties, by CrawCrafts BeastiesHappy Tuesday, everyone! And look, I’ve some new Beasties for you to meet!

I’m delighted to introduce you to Beach Babe Beastie and her new Beastie hubby, Outdoor Adventure Beastie!
A Closeup of the Happy Couple - CrawCrafts BeastiesThe person who requested these two little monsters wanted them as a wedding gift for a couple who she described as “summer people” – when the sun starts to shine, they’re the first to dash outside to soak up some rays on the beach or seek out adventure in the countryside! So rather than dress their Beasties up in stiff, formal wedding garb, we decided to go for outfits and accessories that would reflect their love of those long, hot summer days.

Ready for the guided tour? Great – ladies first, then!
Beach Babe Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesWith her sunkissed blonde hair and Beastie-sized bikini, Beach Babe Beastie is all set to spend her honeymoon basking on golden sands somewhere in the tropics. And look, someone has brought her a cocktail to sip as she sunbathes!

Then once the sun slips below the horizon, she can pop on a cute floral-print skirt and head out for a relaxed dinner with her Beastie Beloved!
Dressed for Dinner - Beach Babe Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesI also gave her a little tote bag, to hold her sunscreen – she needs to preserve her lovely rose-pink complexion, after all.
Beastie Beach Tote - CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd of course, she needed a pair of film-star sunglasses to complete her look!
Beastie Sunglasses! - CrawCrafts BeastiesNow, where’s that husband of hers got to? Oh, there he is!
Outdoor Adventure Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesHe’s a real outdoors enthusiast, who loves keeping fit and camping under the stars. All this activity has helped him grow a bit taller and musclier than your average Beastie!
Another Big Tall Beastie! CrawCrafts BeastiesWhile I was making these Beasties, I thought it might be a good opportunity to redesign my Beastie backpacks – the new-style ones close with Velcro instead of snaps, and I think they’re a better, more realistic shape and more sturdily constructed.
New Look Beastie Backpack, by CrawCrafts BeastiesThey still hold everything an adventurous Beastie needs for a day away, too – in this case, a big bottle of water and a tasty cheese sandwich!
Beastie Backpack Contents, handmade by CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd finally, this guy had to have a pair of sunglasses!
Ready for the Great Outdoors - CrawCrafts BeastiesAll we need now is a bright sunny day for them to enjoy! But until then, they’ve managed to find a decent substitute…
Hey! That's my Desk! Sunbathing Beasties, by CrawCrafts BeastiesHurry up, summer… I need my desk back!

Hope you’re enjoying less apocalyptic weather where you are – my must-have summer accessory this past week has been my umbrella! What do you keep in your beach bag or backpack?

Love is in the Air… Again!

Another Charming Beastie Couple, by CrawCrafts Beasties

Well, if any of you were wondering when high season for Beastie weddings is, I’d say it’s safe to assume that it’s happening right now! Last week I sent another happy couple on their merry monster way… and aren’t they a perfect match? Just look at that colour coordination!
Check out that red and blue wedding colour scheme! CrawCrafts Beasties
And now for my favourite part – let’s take a look at their outfits! We’ll go with the bride first this time…
A Blue Beastie Bride, by CrawCrafts Beasties
Isn’t she a vision of Beastie beauty? I love how she’s paired her simple, elegant wedding dress with a bouquet of scarlet roses and glossy red lips for a feisty pop of colour. They go nicely with the flowers in her hair, too!
Bride Beastie's Flower Garland - CrawCrafts Beasties
And of course, she’s been to the same hairdresser as my last Bride Beastie for her wedding day ‘do!
Bride Beastie's Hair and Veil - CrawCrafts BeastiesBride Beastie's Hair (& the back of her dress) - CrawCrafts Beasties

But what’s this? Under that sophisticated exterior, she’s still sporting traditional stripey Beastie leggings!
Bride Beastie's Stripey Legs! CrawCrafts Beasties
Let’s hope her new hubby doesn’t object to that oh-so-slightly racy shot. Where has he got to, anyway?

Oh, there he is!
Groom Beastie, by CrawCrafts Beasties
This guy is rarely seen without his trusty baseball cap… even on his wedding day!
Groom Beastie's Baseball Cap - CrawCrafts Beasties
In fairness, though, he does look very dapper in his navy suit with scarlet pocket square!
Groom Beastie's Suit, by CrawCrafts Beasties
But why is he carrying a suitcase? Well, these Beasties are off to tie the knot in Italy!
Groom Beastie's Suitcase, by CrawCrafts Beasties
Buon viaggio, Beasties! Make sure you send us a postcard!
Wedding Beasties, Heading for Rome! CrawCrafts Beasties

Sweets for my Beast…

Wedding Beasties, by CrawCrafts Beasties
…Monsters for my hoooon-eeeeeey!

Yes, I know that’s not how the original song goes… but I like mine better. It really sums up the magic that happens when a Beastie meets that one special monster they want to spend the rest of their life with. And these two are definitely ready for their big day… let’s find out a bit more about the happy couple, shall we?

Let’s meet the groom first – I believe tradition dictates that the bride should always arrive a little late!
Groom Beastie, by CrawCrafts Beasties
He’s looking sharp in his wedding suit… a bit of bespoke Beastie-sized tailoring to make him extra handsome for his lovely bride!
Groom Beastie's Tie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesGroom Beastie's Smile - CrawCrafts Beasties

And who could resist that smile?

But should he really bring that pint with him?

Groom Beastie's Pint - CrawCrafts Beasties
Of course he should! Groom Beastie makes his own beer, so what better way to celebrate than a toast with his delicious homebrew? Oh look, here comes the bride… WOW!
Lovestruck Groom Beastie - CrawCrafts Beasties
Bride Beastie, by CrawCrafts Beasties
Her simple but super-elegant dress is entirely hand-stitched…
Bride Beastie's Dress, by CrawCrafts Beasties

…And check out the back!
Gold chain detail on the back of Bride Beastie's dress - CrawCrafts Beasties
Then of course she had to have her hair done nicely…
Bride Beastie's Hairdo, by CrawCrafts BeastiesBride Beastie's Hairdo (Again) - CrawCrafts Beasties

… And now all that’s left to do is to drink to a long and happy life together! Cheers!

Bride Beastie's Wine Glass - CrawCrafts Beasties
Finally, there was just time to get some photos in the garden before they headed off on honeymoon with their human counterparts!

Thanks for being a part of this special monster day!

These Beasties were specially commissioned to celebrate Linda and Cormac’s wedding! If you would like to invite a pair of personalised little monsters to your own big day, or to someone else’s, drop me a line at crawcraftsbeasties@gmail.com!