A Beastie Postcard from Italy!

Its a rainy old day here in Dublin... and that makes it even nicer to get an update from some Beasties abroad! I'm sure many of you will remember Antonello and Tiziana Beastie and their cat Beas-Tris from previous monster adventures... But if you're new here, why not take a second to catch up with … Continue reading A Beastie Postcard from Italy!

An Irish Pub, in Perugia! A de Girolamo/CrawCrafts Beasties

(B)Easter in Perugia!

Ciao ragazzi! Wow, what a week it's been! The Irish weather - not known for its predictability or even-temperedness at the best of times - has been flinging just about everything at us over the last seven days, veering from hot sun one minute to blustery snowstorms the next. So you can imagine how excited … Continue reading (B)Easter in Perugia!

A Monster Night Out!

Ciao ragazzi! As you know, the Beasties and I always love to hear all the news from any little woolly monsters who have left Beastie Towers for new homes. So we were delighted to receive an email AND photos from Antonello Beastie and Tiziana Beastie last week, when they ventured out in search of a … Continue reading A Monster Night Out!

Love is in the Air… Again!

Well, if any of you were wondering when high season for Beastie weddings is, I'd say it's safe to assume that it's happening right now! Last week I sent another happy couple on their merry monster way... and aren't they a perfect match? Just look at that colour coordination! And now for my favourite part … Continue reading Love is in the Air… Again!