Something New(ish) on the BeastieBlog!

Hello everybody! Today I've decided to launch a new regular feature on the BeastieBlog, inspired by one of the more recent arrivals to our ever-growing gang of monster enthusiasts - hey there, Lives in Stone! Take a bow! A couple of days ago, Liv (sorry if this isn't your real name! I'm just going by … Continue reading Something New(ish) on the BeastieBlog!

How to Slay a Dragon

Sometimes, projects take longer to come together than you expect. And sometimes they take a lot longer. I thought Beasties with dogs were my big crafting leap forward this year, but that was before I met Dragon Slayer Beastie! I first did the sketches for this commission back in April... ...and back then I thought … Continue reading How to Slay a Dragon

Wool! Needles! KNIVES!

Anyone who keeps up with the Beasties through Facebook will already know that over the weekend, my Mum got in touch with me to tell me that she's been having trouble visiting the BeastieBlog lately. Why? Because her ISP is blocking this site due to its references to (and I quote) "VIOLENCE and WEAPONS". I've … Continue reading Wool! Needles! KNIVES!

Viking Beastie Settles In

Well, it's been a week since I found Viking Beastie wandering the streets that once formed the heart of Viking-era Dublin, and he's adapting surprisingly well to the 21st century. He's even agreed to pose for some photos to show off all his spiffy Viking accessories, in the hope of starting his own ultra-retro fashion … Continue reading Viking Beastie Settles In

Pirates, Ninjas and… Skiing?

At last! I've had some new Beasties "in progress" for what feels like forever, and last week I finally got around to putting on the last of their accessories and taking them outside for a photoshoot. First of the new recruits is Pirate Beastie... I took him down to the Docklands on a sunny weekday … Continue reading Pirates, Ninjas and… Skiing?