Wool! Needles! KNIVES!

Rambo Beastie's Knife

Anyone who keeps up with the Beasties through Facebook will already know that over the weekend, my Mum got in touch with me to tell me that she’s been having trouble visiting the BeastieBlog lately. Why? Because her ISP is blocking this site due to its references to (and I quote) “VIOLENCE and WEAPONS”.

I’ve been so tickled by this that I couldn’t resist mentioning it in my post today… and using it as an excuse to do a retrospective of some of my choicest armed-to-the-teeth Beasties. Those of a sensitive disposition should probably look away now… Here we go!

Guerrilla Woolfare

First up is one of my early creations – Guerrilla Woolfare Beastie, who left Beastie Towers more than a year ago. Although he isn’t armed, he is considered highly dangerous… Just look at that incendiary literature he’s carrying around with him!

Pirate Beastie

The new year ushered in a new crowd of bad-to-the-bone Beasties! We started out with Pirate Beastie, whose razor-sharp felt cutlass could probably do some serious damage…

Ninja Beastie

…Then Ninja Beastie made an appearance! He refused to settle for “just” having a sword, and insisted I make him a pair of sai and a shuriken (throwing star) as well!

Ninja Beastie SwordNinja Beastie Shuriken

Oh, and then he called for reinforcements.

Blue Ninja Beastie

You’d think that would be enough, but…

Rambo on the Rocks

…Soon afterwards, Rambo Beastie came to town. That’s a close-up of his knife in the picture at the top of this post – a lethal-looking piece of feltwork, I’m sure you’ll agree. And who could forget Viking Beastie, recently off the longship and ready for battle with his round shield and prestigious Ulfbeast sword?

Helmet and Shield

Hmmm… is it possible that the powers that be are right? Even my Chef Beastie is carrying a knife!

New Chef Beastie

I’d better keep an eye on these critters… if they weren’t so gosh-darn cute they could probably land me in some serious trouble!

Thanks for checking out BeastieBlog… officially the most violent knitting blog on the whole internet!


Rambo Beastie

Rambo Beastie

About a month ago, Boyfriend and Flatmate decided it was time to revisit the Rambo films. I have to say, they don’t make especially good knitting radio, since the soundtrack is more explosions, gunfire and screaming than actual dialogue, but they did give me an idea for a new Beastie. I am proud to introduce… Rambo Beastie!
Rambo on the Rocks

He’s a little less smiley than some of my other creations, but he’s had a pretty rough time of it these last few years.
Rambo Closeup

However, I did my best to cheer him up with some authentic Rambo accessories – combat trousers with a real leather belt, red bandana and an awesome 80s hairdo!
Rambo Beastie with Accessories

Oh yes, and he has a replica of the knife from the first film – lovingly recreated in lethally sharp… felt. Ahem.
Rambo Beastie's Knife

I was hoping he’d stick around for a while, but it wasn’t long before he escaped back into the woods on another one-Beastie campaign…
Rambo Beastie in the Woods

More new Beasties coming soon!