Something New(ish) on the BeastieBlog!

Hello everybody! Today I've decided to launch a new regular feature on the BeastieBlog, inspired by one of the more recent arrivals to our ever-growing gang of monster enthusiasts - hey there, Lives in Stone! Take a bow! A couple of days ago, Liv (sorry if this isn't your real name! I'm just going by … Continue reading Something New(ish) on the BeastieBlog!

Pirates, Ninjas and… Skiing?

At last! I've had some new Beasties "in progress" for what feels like forever, and last week I finally got around to putting on the last of their accessories and taking them outside for a photoshoot. First of the new recruits is Pirate Beastie... I took him down to the Docklands on a sunny weekday … Continue reading Pirates, Ninjas and… Skiing?