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How Explorer Beastie Got His Groove Back

Hi there Beastie friends! As you can see, I'm getting back to my usual blogging routine - hopefully Tuesday posts will once again be the norm after a couple of disrupted weeks! Now, at the end of Sunday's post, I mentioned Explorer Beastie's beauty regime. You might be surprised that he even has one - … Continue reading How Explorer Beastie Got His Groove Back

A Beastie-Size Tardis! CrawCrafts Beasties

Knock knock! Who’s There?

- Doctor. - Doctor who? - Exactly! Aaah, they say the old jokes are the best... but perhaps that one might be the exception to the rule! That said, the new Beastie I'd like to introduce to you today ties in quite well with the retelling of a corny old joke. The character he's based … Continue reading Knock knock! Who’s There?

The Making of Justin Beastie

It seems I haven't had much time for blogging over the last couple of weeks.  I figured that my days were mostly being absorbed by festive pastimes such as card making, scoping out craft markets and attempting to find presents for my impossible-to-buy-for nearest and dearest, but now that I think about it, a huge … Continue reading The Making of Justin Beastie