June Beastie – Baking the Most of It!

Hey there Beastie friends! And what’s this – could it be the first new Beastie of the new decade? I think so! Hey there, June Beastie!
June Beastie, a special commission by CrawCrafts BeastiesThat said, the most attentive BeastieBlog readers will surely remember her chance arrival on Paddy and Plunkett’s doorstep last year… And her subsequent departure to foreign parts in a convenient backpack!

But her visit was so fleeting that we didn’t really get a chance to check out all her cool stuff! So, let’s set 2020 off to a good start and get to know June Beastie a little better. She certainly loves to smile for the camera!
Smiley June Beastie, by CrawCrafts Beasties

She also loves to cook, so I was sure to make her a neatly-embroidered felt apron to cover her hand-sewn lilac t-shirt.
June Beastie's Apron - CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd I’m hoping she’s as happy with her hairstyle as I am – check out those cute wool and mohair curls!
Woolly Beastie Hair - Commissions by CrawCrafts Beasties

Then, how about we add a little sparkle? Hello, matching gold glasses and earrings! Very stylish.
The Glint of Gold! June Beastie - CrawCrafts Beasties

And finally… The item that has been raising the most questions – not least from Paddy and Plunkett! It’s a… Rolling pin?!
June Beastie's Essential Rolling Pin - CrawCrafts BeastiesWell, the way I see it, you never know when you might be faced with a baking emergency. And I’d hate to send any Beastie out into the world without their favourite piece of kit. But if you can think of any other eventualities where a rolling pin might be useful, or if you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you thought “I really wish I’d had a rolling pin with me”, be sure to share them in the comments!

We’ll be back next week with the first of Explorer Beastie’s postcards from London… See you then!

Chef Beastie Revisited

New Chef Beastie

At the last market I did, one of the Beasties who attracted the most attention was my Chef Beastie. Oh look, here he is:

Chef Beastie

So when I was deciding which monsters to include in my line-up for the Pop Up Shop I’m doing at the minute, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to revisit a classic Beastie and make a few changes. All my Beasties are unique, after all! As you can see from the main picture, New Chef Beastie has a more fitted apron to protect his stylish red trousers, and he’s clearly not going to the same dentist as my first one. I also thought I’d update his accessories…

Carrot and Knife for Chef Beastie

Well, only a little bit. The felt carrot was such a hit last time that I just had to give him one of those. But since I have spent the last while honing my weapon-making skills, I thought I could probably trust him with a felt kitchen knife.

Et voila! Beastie is served!