Chef Beastie Revisited

New Chef Beastie

At the last market I did, one of the Beasties who attracted the most attention was my Chef Beastie. Oh look, here he is:

Chef Beastie

So when I was deciding which monsters to include in my line-up for the Pop Up Shop I’m doing at the minute, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to revisit a classic Beastie and make a few changes. All my Beasties are unique, after all! As you can see from the main picture, New Chef Beastie has a more fitted apron to protect his stylish red trousers, and he’s clearly not going to the same dentist as my first one. I also thought I’d update his accessories…

Carrot and Knife for Chef Beastie

Well, only a little bit. The felt carrot was such a hit last time that I just had to give him one of those. But since I have spent the last while honing my weapon-making skills, I thought I could probably trust him with a felt kitchen knife.

Et voila! Beastie is served!

8 thoughts on “Chef Beastie Revisited

  1. Heehee! Sometimes I think you can read my mind! I HAVE been planning some Beastie-themed recipes recently. I just need to get all my kitchen equipment out of storage first… stay tuned!

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