Cookie Beastie Checks In!

Hey there everyone! The sun is shining here in Dublin, and I hope you're all enjoying some fine weather in your part of the world too! It's also nice to see life returning to something like normal in places - here in Ireland certain shops are starting to reopen, and we can now meet in … Continue reading Cookie Beastie Checks In!

Beasties Climbing Olive Trees - CrawCrafts Beasties

Explorer Beastie’s Day Out at Kew Gardens OK, so I had a go at making a Mesh Gallery for this week's challenge... let me know if it works for you all! I decided to use photos from Explorer Beastie's trip to Kew Gardens last year - he had a great time hanging out with his buddy Garcia Beastie, as you can … Continue reading Explorer Beastie’s Day Out at Kew Gardens

Right on Kew… Beasties Explore the Gardens!

My trip to London over the weekend wasn't just for me... It was also the perfect opportunity for Explorer Beastie to catch up with an old friend! Garcia Beastie left his skis behind for a day to join us at Kew Gardens for a spot of horticultural exploring... as you shall see. Luckily for us, … Continue reading Right on Kew… Beasties Explore the Gardens!

Mystery Solved!

Hurrah! Thanks to an eagle-eyed Beastie fan on my Facebook page, I've been able to trace Explorer Beastie to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands! No wonder he's looking so relaxed! You know, I had always written Lanzarote off as an island of packed beaches and sprawling resort hotels, and I have to say that I'm … Continue reading Mystery Solved!

So That’s What He’s Been Up To…

At last! After nearly a month of waiting by the phone/computer/letterbox, I have finally had word from Explorer Beastie! It seems he has taken himself off for a bit of a holiday, and I was worrying over nothing. It would have been nice if he had invited me too, but I suppose it's a lot … Continue reading So That’s What He’s Been Up To…