So That’s What He’s Been Up To…

Explorer Beastie Reappears!

At last! After nearly a month of waiting by the phone/computer/letterbox, I have finally had word from Explorer Beastie! It seems he has taken himself off for a bit of a holiday, and I was worrying over nothing. It would have been nice if he had invited me too, but I suppose it’s a lot easier (and cheaper) for Beasties to travel alone. He made it to the airport without incident…
Airport Beastie

… and hit the Duty Free, where he made some stripey friends.
Explorer Beastie With Tigers

He must have slept for the entire flight, because the next photo I have shows him enjoying a coffee in a distinctly un-Irish location…
Beastie Coffee Break

… then he checked into his hotel…
Explorer Beastie at the Hotel

… hit the beach for a while…
Catching some rays, Beastie-style

… and then worked up an appetite before dinner.
Cactus Climbing

Apparently Beasties get a real kick out of climbing cacti! You learn something new every day…

The only thing is, I still haven’t been able to figure out exactly where Explorer Beastie is. He’s promised some more photos over the next couple of days, which should help, but are these surroundings looking familiar to anybody yet? Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas!

7 thoughts on “So That’s What He’s Been Up To…

  1. You poor thing all that worrying and he’s off somewhere the sun has a little warmth to it, so it’s definitely not my neck of the woods, he looks right at home with his new stripy friends, lets hope he sends more photos soon xx

    1. I suppose I can’t really begrudge him going off to seek a little winter sun! Sounds like you’re enjoying the same questionable Spring weather in the UK, so we can definitely rule that out. I got a few more pictures from him today, hope you have time to take a peek!

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