Weekly Photo Challenge – Connected

Beasties at Work - CrawCrafts Beasties

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connected.”

I’m a bit slow off the mark with the Photo Challenge this week, since I couldn’t turn up anything to fit the theme in my vast reserve of monster photographs! I know, I was shocked too!

The prompt got me thinking about how, since I started making Beasties, I’ve had the opportunity to revisit a lot of the crafting skills I thought I’d never get a chance to use again. Although Beasties began as a way for me to feed my knitting addiction, in recent times I’ve also found myself sewing, making clothes, drawing and embroidering! So I set up these photos to show the “Beastie Connection” that has brought all my favourite activities together. Enjoy!
Beasties at Work Collage - CrawCrafts Beasties

Beasties Climbing Olive Trees - CrawCrafts Beasties

Explorer Beastie’s Day Out at Kew Gardens


OK, so I had a go at making a Mesh Gallery for this week’s challenge… let me know if it works for you all! I decided to use photos from Explorer Beastie’s trip to Kew Gardens last year – he had a great time hanging out with his buddy Garcia Beastie, as you can see!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Today Was a Good Day.”

Goth Beastie Closeup - CrawCrafts Beasties

Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

Goth Beastie, by CrawCrafts Beasties

Oh wow, I’ve actually been looking for an excuse to get on board with the Weekly Photo Challenge for months… So today’s task on Blogging 101 couldn’t have come at a better time! Here’s my first ever entry… My original Goth Beastie, hanging out in a local graveyard. Don’t have nightmares, now!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”