Cookie Beastie Checks In!

Hey there everyone! The sun is shining here in Dublin, and I hope you’re all enjoying some fine weather in your part of the world too! It’s also nice to see life returning to something like normal in places – here in Ireland certain shops are starting to reopen, and we can now meet in groups of 4 or fewer. We are still being asked to stay at home as much as possible, but that’s ok with me… The Beasties are keeping me busy as usual. And it seems I’m not the only one! Last week I got a lovely update from Melissa and her Cookie Beastie… With pictures!

So, Melissa had just settled down to enjoy a nice cup of tea when…
Melissa and Cookie Beastie - M Bruner/CrawCrafts BeastiesHey there Cookie Beastie! Where did you spring from?

I suppose this little monster fancied a nice refreshing brew to go with that jellybean cookie. Tea and biscuits is always an irresistible combination. Also, check out the colour coordination – surely that’s no accident!

Not content with hijacking half of Melissa’s tea, Cookie Beastie thought it might be fun to take a tour of the garden… And pose for a few photos on the way. Check out this wall of cacti and succulents!
Cookie Beastie and Cacti - M Bruner/CrawCrafts Beasties I do love a good cactus, and it seems Beasties are no different. That said, it’s pretty hard to relax with all those prickles around… How about we find somewhere else to put our paws up for a minute?

This sunny spot looks perfect. Aaaaaaaah!
Cookie Beastie in the Garden - M Bruner/CrawCrafts BeastiesCan there be any better place to spend a tea break?

Mind you, it’s not all laying back among the flowers here. During quarantine, it’s especially important to stay fit and healthy. Next stop – the gym!
Pumping Iron - M Bruner/CrawCrafts BeastiesUm, you might have to put the cookie down if you’re to make any headway with those weights.

“What, really? Oh, okay… Maybe I’ll just spot you this time around, then?”

You know, that sounds like my kind of exercising!

A massive monster THANK YOU to Melissa… Not just for sending awesome Beastie pics, but also for being one of the essential workers who are keeping the cogs of their communities turning while the rest of us are staying safe at home. You rock!

Aaaand if you’re at home and in need of something to put a smile on your face, why not spend a quarter of an hour with The Book Owl? This is a new podcast series hosted by Tammie Painter, author and human in charge of wayward book-lovin’ Beastie Finn McSpool. Every couple of weeks, she explores a literary curiosity… And the most recent episode, about kids reading to dogs in libraries, is real feel-good stuff. Enjoy!

So, hopefully that little lot will see you through until Friday, when we’ll be back and revisiting some more Beasties from days gone by. See you then!

8 thoughts on “Cookie Beastie Checks In!

  1. I love the cactus display and Cookie Beastie looks right at home with all those smiling pots and tubs!

    1. Thanks, Queen Bee! I know – nice smiley pots and more excellent colour coordinating with all that yellow! Cheers for popping in 😊

    1. It certainly shows in your photos, Melissa! Thanks for sharing them with us all, and for being part of the Beastie family 💚😊

  2. Wait, I thought lifting cookies counted as a workout. No wonder my weight loss efforts are going nowhere. I’m a little jealous of how cute and tidy that garden is.

    And thanks for the podcast shout out!!! I recorded Episode 4 before seeing this, but you are definitely getting a big thank you in Episode 5 :))

    1. I know! I was so shocked to learn that “cookie curls” aren’t an essential part of any thorough cardiovascular workout. But maybe vigorously stirring a dough mixture would count? And yes, it’s a super-lovely garden! Mind you, you’re no slouch in the outdoor space management stakes yourself…
      Also, I’m happy to be able to recommend the podcast to everyone! I’ve been a little lacking in my blog reading lately because I’ve been so busy… But with this, I can listen while I stitch. Perfect!

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