Mame-Chan and Friends - CrawCrafts Beasties

Monster Market Day!

Oh woweeeee! What a super weekend we all had at the Creative Collective Ireland Craft Fair! I've been working flat out since I came back from my holidays, and I think I assembled one of my best-ever teams of Beasties... ...With some super accessories! I also brought along some Beans (which are fast becoming a … Continue reading Monster Market Day!

Smiley Bean Face! CrawCrafts Beasties

Ooooh, New… Beanies?!

It's not just Beastiemaking that's been keeping my hands busy these last few weeks! Regular hangers-out on the BeastieBlog may already have encountered my little plushie beans... if not, you can catch up here! Normally, these beans are small enough to sit comfortably in your open hand. But then I got a request on Etsy … Continue reading Ooooh, New… Beanies?!