Happy Families at Beastie Towers!

Beastie Family, by CrawCrafts BeastiesWell, now that we’re back in Beastie Towers, suitably rested and relaxed from our little holiday, it’s business as usual here on the BeastieBlog! I’ve some new Beasties to introduce, and they’re super-excited to meet you all. So, without further ado, here they are… a whole FAMILY of Beasties!

These were made as a very special commission to celebrate the arrival of human baby RoibΓ­n… so of course the most important element was a little baby Beastie!
Baby Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesLook how cosy he is in his stripey handknitted blanket! I’ve given him big wide-open eyes and a little tuft of blond hair as well, to more closely match his human counterpart. But of course, we’d better not forget about Mum and Dad…

First of all, pretty Mama Beastie is modelling a mostly hand-stitched skater-style dress… yes, I’m FINALLY trying to do more of my monster tailoring on the sewing machine! All the stitches you can see in the photo are done by hand, but my machine made short work of speeding through the seams. I’ve also made Mama Beastie a necklace similar to the one her human normally wears!
Mama Beastie with Baby, by CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd check out her beautiful blonde merino wool locks!
Mama Beastie's Hair - CrawCrafts BeastiesBut what about Papa Beastie? Ah, here he is.
Cool Dad Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesMore tailoring here – this time, a bespoke checked shirt! After watching “The Great British Sewing Bee”, I’ve learned the benefit of strategically placing template pieces so the fabric’s patterns line up better on the finished article. I have to admit to being quite pleased with how this little shirt turned out!
Papa Beastie's Shirt, by CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd since Mama Beastie is holding the baby, what’s Papa Beastie got? Well, it turns out he’s a bit of a musician, so…
Papa Beastie with his Guitar - CrawCrafts BeastiesPerfect! Now he can play a gentle lullaby to send Baby Beastie off to sleep!
A Happy Beastie Family! CrawCrafts BeastiesHere’s wishing this little monster family a nice quiet weekend together! And have any of you got fun family time planned for the next couple of days? Let us know in the comments!

As usual, we’ll be back on Tuesday… and there will be another new Beastie for you to meet, too. See you then!


37 thoughts on “Happy Families at Beastie Towers!

        1. Sounds like money well spent! I always admire people who are musical… It’s something I could never master. At this stage, I think I’ll stick to making instruments out of felt instead!

        2. Thank you! I agree, it was well spent. It has now been 18 years, and I still have the guitar. On the other side of things, your work with felt is spectacular! I have been trying to wrap my head around felting for some time.

        3. Felt has always been my favourite fabric to sew with… It doesn’t fray, and it’s available in so many colours! If you’re doing felting yourself, the key is to be as mean to the wool as possible to make the fibres mash together. For wet felting, use really hot water, soap and a rough surface for best results. Oh, and my top tip for needle felting… Wear a gardening glove on your non-stabbing hand!

  1. This family is a real collector’s item! Something to be stored, along with baby’s first shoe.

  2. Hmmm…plaid shirt, beard, and guitar…I think these Beasties would fit right in in Portland! Amazing job. You must have an extra stash of patience in your art cabinet to make all the little details.

    1. Yep, the clothes are indeed pretty fiddly… But my trusty sewing machine took some of the legwork off my plate this time around, freeing up more time for me to obsess over the straightness of my hems πŸ˜† Perhaps as a reward I should visit Portland with a gang of hipster Beasties in tow… πŸ˜€

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