My London Yarn Haul

Mirasol Sulka Yarn

By popular demand (well, one person asked… thank you, The Snail of Happiness, for this idea for a quick’n’easy blog post!) I thought it might be fun to share my recent yarny purchases – souvenirs from the trip Explorer Beastie and I took to London recently.

By the way, let’s keep these delectable fuzzy goodies a secret from the Beasties – I’m going to be using this yarn to make something for ME!

First up are a couple of skeins of oh-so-lovely Mirasol Sulka… a tasteful mix of merino wool, alpaca and silk. How could I leave THAT in the shop?
Orange and Black... YUM!

Try as I might, I couldn’t get the photos to show off the incredible glossiness of this yarn – but at least you can get a feel for the colours. I love the bright orange, and when I pair it with the super-classy raven’s-wing black it will really pop! That’s this autumn’s neckwear sorted, then.

Because funds and suitcase space were limited on this trip, I had to curb my (natural) impulse to buy one of everything in the store. After much deliberation, I chose this little beauty…
I Knit or Dye - Hand-Dyed Yarn

I Knit stock a range of their own hand-dyed yarns, which I wouldn’t be able to pick up at home, so that was all the incentive I needed to put a skein into my shopping basket. I picked this one because its cheerful yellow hues look like spun sunshine… perfect for getting me through the Irish winter!

Ready for the extreme close-up?
I Knit or Dye Hunky Dory

Lovely stuff!

If Explorer Beastie is very good, I might consider making him a scarf out of my leftovers… Here’s another photo of him with one of the dogs at I Knit, just to keep this post vaguely Beastie-related!

Explorer Beastie at I Knit

Has anyone else some classy yarns that I need to know about?

11 thoughts on “My London Yarn Haul

    1. Ha! Imagine how I felt when I was in the shop… My already overworked debit card was pleading with me to be rational, and I had visions of my yarn-stuffed suitcase bursting open at the seams in the middle of Heathrow airport! I think we came to a good arrangement in the end, though… Enjoy!

        1. They were good enough not to say anything, at least! Unlike the security guard at the Imperial War Museum, which I visited after my first I Knit shopping spree a couple of years ago… The guy took a look in my bag, raised his eyebrows and commented “that’s more wool than is right and proper!” as he handed it back. The thing is, he was probably right…

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