Our Monster Day at Woollinn!

Happy Friday, everyone! And it's been a double fun one for us, because we've just spent the day at Woollinn, Dublin's festival of yarn! I was helping out my buddy Diarmuid of S Twist Wool for the day, so there might be a bit of a bias in the photos... Are you spotting a pattern … Continue reading Our Monster Day at Woollinn!

A Busy Beastie Weekend!

Wow! Once again, it's been a busy old week here at Beastie Towers - so much for those "lazy summer days" I keep hearing about. Still, we wouldn't have it any other way... Especially since Explorer Beastie and I were invited to TWO crafty parties this past weekend! The first one was a complete surprise … Continue reading A Busy Beastie Weekend!

My London Yarn Haul

By popular demand (well, one person asked... thank you, The Snail of Happiness, for this idea for a quick'n'easy blog post!) I thought it might be fun to share my recent yarny purchases - souvenirs from the trip Explorer Beastie and I took to London recently. By the way, let's keep these delectable fuzzy goodies … Continue reading My London Yarn Haul