Explorer Beastie’s London Adventures (Part 2)

Explorer Beastie at St Paul's Cathedral

Oh dear, a new post is looooong overdue! At least I have a reasonable excuse this time – I started a new job last Monday! Between that and moving house over the summer, it’s been quite the eventful year… I figured I’d better check in now before something else happens!

My last post might have given the impression that London begins and ends in Kew Gardens – at least for Beasties. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Explorer Beastie managed to see a lot, given the short time (and short legs) he had. Our first port of call was the Victoria and Albert Museum – this has to be one of my favourite places in London, and I always try to visit when I’m here. Every time I go, I find something I hadn’t seen before! I enjoyed introducing Explorer Beastie to the Dacre Beasts…
Explorer Beastie and the Dacre Beasts

… And he loved the massive glass sculpture in the entrance hall!
Explorer Beastie at the V&A

He even made a friend!
Explorer Beastie with Owl

Of course, we were at Kew all day Saturday…

Explorer Beastie in the Palm House
…But on Sunday we found ourselves in the City, next to St Paul’s Cathedral.
Explorer Beastie at St Paul's
We took a walk across the Millenium Bridge, where we able to check out some of the newest additions to London’s skyline… and a few older ones as well!

Explorer Beastie and the ShardExplorer Beastie and Tate ModernExplorer Beastie on the Millenium BridgeExplorer Beastie, the Cheese Grater and the Walkie Talkie












We had to pass them all by though, because we were on the way to… Shakespeare’s Globe! Explorer Beastie even made it up onto the stage…
Explorer Beastie at the Globe

On our last day, we made a pilgrimage to I Knit in search of woolly treats. It was just a short hop on the Tube…
Explorer Beastie on the Tube

… And Explorer Beastie turned it into yet another networking opportunity. He had a great time chatting away while I made some very important purchasing decisions!
Explorer Beastie at I Knit

All that left me with just enough time to cram my suitcase full of yarn before dashing to the airport. After all that, I might just need a holiday… see you soon with more Beastie adventures!

9 thoughts on “Explorer Beastie’s London Adventures (Part 2)

  1. How jolly well good of Explorer Beastie letting you tag along on a visit to London, he really knows how to get the most out of his trip….who was more tired Explorer Beastie or your good self ? and how thoughtful of him letting you stock up on yarn, sounds like a worth while adventure 🙂

    1. Yes, isn’t he kind? Although I’m starting to wonder if he just sees me as a convenient taxi service… He did stow away in my bag once or twice! Still, we both had a good time and returned home tired but happy after our adventures. I think London definitely gets the Beastie seal of approval! Are your rabbits planning any travels, perchance?

      1. The bunnies have 2 adventures coming up one to the next village and then next month there is a major adventure looming more details to follow LOL

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