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May in Beastie Towers

Wow, May was a busy month for us this year! It feels like the Beasties and I were on the go all the time, taking full advantage of all the fun and games that the crafting and blogging communities have to offer! So, today I've decided to follow the lead of Jem Arrowsmith Knits and … Continue reading May in Beastie Towers

Explorer Beastie & Garcia Beastie

Your Daily Dose of Beastie!

I have a confession to make... If it wasn't for those little woolly monsters of mine, I would have no online presence at all. Except an email address. Oh, and maybe an Etsy account. But that really would be it. So I owe the Beasties a big thank you - for dragging me out of … Continue reading Your Daily Dose of Beastie!

Explorer Beastie, Sommelier - CrawCrafts Beasties

Social Beastie-Flies!

Phew! What a busy week it's been! After our Etsy photography course a couple of weeks ago, Explorer Beastie and I decided to keep our socialising momentum going... so when an invite to a special sneak-preview-tasting-menu dinner at Oscar's Bar and Kitchen dropped into our mailbox, we were pretty quick to RSVP! As an extra … Continue reading Social Beastie-Flies!

Explorer Beastie at the Etsy Offices - CrawCrafts Beasties

Ready for your Closeup?

Explorer Beastie and I have been quite the social butterflies recently - we started with the Irish Blogger Conference at the end of last month, and then last week found us hanging out at the Etsy offices in Dublin city centre! We were there for a one-night Product Photography Course, organised by the Etsy Ireland … Continue reading Ready for your Closeup?

Heights of Abraham Cable Car

So, What Have We Learned?

I love it when a plan comes together. Last week, I thought I would try my hand at seeking out some Dublin-based blogging events. I was expecting to find something to look forward to a couple of months down the line, so you can imagine how lucky I felt when I found that one of … Continue reading So, What Have We Learned?

Beasties at Work - CrawCrafts Beasties

Back to School at Beastie Towers!

Last week was one of those weeks when life just got in the way - for starters, a busy few days at Other Work after being just a Maker of Monsters for a month was a bit of a shock to the system! And while I was distracted with that, the plumbing here at Beastie … Continue reading Back to School at Beastie Towers!

Exciting News!

About a month ago I got an email from a company called Pod, asking if the Beasties and I would like to join their online crafty community and be featured on their website. Um, YES PLEASE! The site launched on the 1st of July, and since my latest round of new Beasties need to remain … Continue reading Exciting News!

Meet Explorer Beastie

I think it's about time Explorer Beastie made a special guest appearance on my BeastieBlog.  I actually made him before Christmas - work commenced in quiet moments behind my market stall table in November - and he has been providing me with stuff to talk about on my Beasties Facebook page ever since.  I have … Continue reading Meet Explorer Beastie