Exciting News!

Pod - A New Online Home for the Beasties!
About a month ago I got an email from a company called Pod, asking if the Beasties and I would like to join their online crafty community and be featured on their website. Um, YES PLEASE!

The site launched on the 1st of July, and since my latest round of new Beasties need to remain secret for the moment, I thought I’d give you a sneak preview! I’m really proud to be involved in this, especially after I took a look at the work of the other artists and craftspeople they’ve included. They’ve put in a little bit about each of us…
Podster Profile Page

…That’s me third from the left in the top row. You would not BELIEVE the trouble I had trying to find a photo of myself in which I am not holding a pint of Guinness or pulling my very attractive monster face. And of course, the Beasties are there too!
Beasties on Pod
This first phase of the Pod website is all about introducing the makers and showing off their wares, but they’re planning to add more features in the near future. I’m really excited to see what they have in the pipeline!

In the meantime, why not go and have a look around?

More hot-off-the-knitting-needles Beasties next week, once they’ve arrived safely in their new homes!

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