Portikus, Frankfurt, From the Riverbank - CrawCrafts Beasties

Fine Art Fun in Frankfurt!

OK, so the last couple of posts here on the BeastieBlog have been a little on the wild side... ... But there's more to Frankfurt than its zoo, y'know! Today, we're going to take a trip into the city centre in search of some culture. Even walking through the streets of Frankfurt was an interesting … Continue reading Fine Art Fun in Frankfurt!

Oh, I almost forgot!

Christmas is a strange time - a veritable Bermuda triangle for thoughts, ideas and good intentions. In all the madness of present-buying, meeting up with friends who were home from overseas, card-making and holding down a job in retail, it seemed that I had hardly any spare minutes to sit down and share my Beastie … Continue reading Oh, I almost forgot!

Gimme a “B”…

Hooray! It's time for some new Beasties! The latest arrival at Beastie Towers is Cheerleader Beastie, a bubbly little monster who is sure to win herself more than a few fans! Check out her cute hand-stitched felt uniform, complete with Team Beastie logo... ...Bouncy blonde ponytail... ...And of course, a set of pure wool pompoms! … Continue reading Gimme a “B”…