Gimme a “B”…

Cheerleader Beastie

Hooray! It’s time for some new Beasties!

The latest arrival at Beastie Towers is Cheerleader Beastie, a bubbly little monster who is sure to win herself more than a few fans! Check out her cute hand-stitched felt uniform, complete with Team Beastie logo…
Cheerleader Beastie's Sweater
…Bouncy blonde ponytail…
Cheerleader Beastie's Hairdo
…And of course, a set of pure wool pompoms!
Cheerleader Beastie Pompoms
While Cheerleader Beastie entertains the crowds with feats of gymnastic skill that should be beyond the capabilities of her short little woolly legs, this more contemplative Beastie has taken up residence in a quiet corner… Meet Artist Beastie!
Artist Beastie

Artist Beastie likes nothing more than donning his smock, grabbing his palette…
Artist Beastie's Palette

…And painting to his heart’s content! With his exuberant moustache and classic black beret, he certainly looks the part…
Artist Beastie Closeup

…Although it seems to me that more paint goes on his smock than the canvas.
Artist Beastie

Luckily for him, that smock is removable…
Smock from the back 080

…So he can take it off and relax at the end of a hard day’s work!
Artist Beastie sans smock!

I haven’t quite managed to convince him to put his paintbrush down, though.

These Beasties have just joined their friends down in the Creative Collective Shop in Dalkey’s Castle Street… Be sure to drop in and say hello!

7 thoughts on “Gimme a “B”…

  1. WOW, love your new Beasties, does Artist Beastie get a quiet moment to create a masterpiece what with Cheerleader practice schedule in full swing for all her upcoming events? your creative mind is astounding keep up all the hard work 😀

    1. Why thank you! Artist Beastie & Cheerleader Beastie actually get on better than you’d think… She’s going to be the model for a series of triptychs that will explore grace & movement in three dimensional space. Or so Artist Beastie claims. Hope all is well in the Cottage on the Green!

      1. Artist Beatie sounds such a talented guy, I’m sure Cheerleader Beastie will be the perfect muse 🙂 The cottage is home to a litter of newly designed rabbits , I’ve taken your lead and created my own range !!!!!! as soon as I can gather the litter together I’ll photo and post their grand entrance to the crafting community LOL

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