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Beastie SOS!

Have you seen this Beastie? Victorian Explorer Beastie has been a pretty regular contributor to the BeastieBlog over the years. You might remember the trip we took to Bray, Co Wicklow last Spring... ... Or have fond memories of our visit to the Natural History Museum, where he fitted right in with the old-fashioned diplay … Continue reading Beastie SOS!

Victorian Explorer Beastie

Regular visitors to the BeastieBlog will remember this dashing chap from our visit to Bray in Co. Wicklow a couple of months ago. However, he was so busy strolling along the promenade, climbing the hill and picking up interesting pebbles on the beach that he didn't get a chance to show off all his tip-top … Continue reading Victorian Explorer Beastie

A Marvellous Day Out… with Victorian Explorer Beastie

Okay, I don't want to alarm anybody, but the other day I went into the living room to find a note on the floor... I'm sure he's totally fine. He's big enough to look after himself, and he did set out with a fresh sandwich in his backpack. That said, if anyone sees Explorer Beastie … Continue reading A Marvellous Day Out… with Victorian Explorer Beastie