Victorian Explorer Beastie

Victorian Explorer Beastie Close-Up

Regular visitors to the BeastieBlog will remember this dashing chap from our visit to Bray in Co. Wicklow a couple of months ago.
Bray Head

However, he was so busy strolling along the promenade, climbing the hill and picking up interesting pebbles on the beach that he didn’t get a chance to show off all his tip-top explorer kit. So I’ve invited him back!Victorian Explorer Beastie

No gentleman explorer should leave home without his pith helmet, belt pouch for assorted sundries, and knapsack. I wonder what he’s taking with him?
Map and Hipflask

Oh, of course! A map of a distant land and a hipflask of finest gin. Nice!

Victorian Explorer Beastie’s next port of call will be Dun Laoghaire in South Dublin, for Creative Collective Ireland’s annual Pop Up Shop… but who knows where he’ll go after that?

5 thoughts on “Victorian Explorer Beastie

  1. So, cool…you pay such great attention to detail! I think I’ve been to that pop up shop…I had bought a hand printed Celtic symbol t-shirt which I hung onto forever until it wasn’t wearable anymore. Have fun Victorian Explorer Beastie!

    1. Weeeeird if it was the same shop! Hopefully people will love the Beasties as much as you clearly loved that t-shirt. I’m sure Victorian Explorer Beastie will have a super time… all his friends are going, after all!

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