Beastie SOS!

Victorian Explorer Beastie Close-Up

Have you seen this Beastie?

Victorian Explorer Beastie has been a pretty regular contributor to the BeastieBlog over the years. You might remember the trip we took to Bray, Co Wicklow last Spring…
View from the top of Bray Head - CrawCrafts Beasties
… Or have fond memories of our visit to the Natural History Museum, where he fitted right in with the old-fashioned diplay cases and hand-typed information cards. I know I do!
Explorer Beastie with Capuchin Monkey - CrawCrafts Beasties
This Beastie’s thirst for adventure led him to be adopted by a fellow globetrotter, and it wasn’t long before he jetted off on the journey of a lifetime… to see South America!

Here he is in Argentina, enjoying Christmas dinner southern-hemisphere-style, accompanied by Explorer Girl Beastie!
Beastie Christmas, Argentina - R Turpin/CrawCrafts Beasties

Unfortunately, this is the last known photograph of Victorian Explorer Beastie. One day, while out on the road, he took advantage of the long journey to catch forty winks in his travelling companion’s backpack, which was stolen while he dozed inside!

So, fellow travellers, I’d like to ask a favour. Please keep an eye out for Victorian Explorer Beastie as you jetset around the world… and if you do spot him, be sure to share a photo! Or, if he looks like he’s in need of rescuing, pick him up and bring him home with you. He can be treated for any injuries in my Beastie Hospital, and then he (or another Beastie of your choosing) will be yours to keep.

Thank you all, and good hunting!

PS WordPress tells me that the Beasties and I have been hanging out on the BeastieBlog for TWO WHOLE YEARS now! Thanks to all of you who read, like and comment on my tales of monster mayhem… you make this blog a really fun place to be!

9 thoughts on “Beastie SOS!

  1. Clearly he has a greater taste for adventure than originally thought! Perhaps, right now, he’s paddling up the Amazon, or doing a spot of science on the Galapagos… I hope so and that, eventually, he is returned home with tales of derring-do!

    1. Yes, even I’m surprised at his thirst for discovery! I suppose only time will tell if he makes it home… He might decide he’d like to settle there permanently, in a cabin overlooking Machu Picchu, or an apartment beside Copacabana beach!

  2. Oh no! Pirate beastie and boys are offering to set sailor their boat to look for him… In which part of the world has he last been seen? South America???

    1. Hahaha, Pirate Beastie really does have a heart of gold! The last photograph I have is from Argentina, but I think the exploration party might have been travelling through Chile or Peru when Victorian Explorer Beastie went AWOL. There are some dangerous waters in that part of the world, so make sure the ship is extra strongly built with plenty of stores!

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