Beasties at the Flea - CrawCrafts Beasties

Festive Flea Market Fun!

Woweeee! It really has been all systems go here at Beastie Towers lately – and in between getting Christmas commissions ready and starting a new job, I haven’t been able to go to half as many of the festive markets as I would have liked. Fortunately, I booked my spot at the Dublin Christmas Flea at the end of October, and I decided that come hell, high water or complete sleep deprivation I was going to be there!

It’s one of the markets I’ve been hoping to go to since I first became a Maker of Monsters, and this year they annexed an extra space in the Point Village in Dublin’s Docklands to make it their biggest event yet. So many stalls of crafty goodness… Plus some excellent vintage and food sellers as well!

Oh yeah, and the Beasties and I were there too!
Beasties at the Flea - CrawCrafts BeastiesHere we are, all set up and ready for Day One… And then a few more Beasties and beanies arrived throughout the weekend…
Crawcrafts Beasties at the Dublin Christmas Flea…Then it was all paws on deck come Sunday! Hallowe’en Beasties don’t usually hang out at Christmas markets, but the prospect of new friends and a new home was too good to miss…
Hallowe'en Beasties are GO! CrawCrafts BeastiesBy the time 6pm rolled around on Sunday, almost every one of my little monsters had toddled off with their new family!

Thanks so much to everybody who stopped in to visit us over the weekend – it was lovely to meet you all, especially those of you I already know a bit from your blogs, or from Instagram and Facebook! And a big thumbs up for the Dublin Flea team as well, who put in an immense amount of work to beautify the venue and let all of Dublin know that the market was happening. Best of all, they gave me a spot right next to the tea stall! You guys are the best!

Right, I’m off to start getting ready for next year’s market now… And for anyone who left the Christmas Flea with a new monster friend in tow, please feel free to share photos of your Beastie’s adventures with us back here at Beastie Towers! You can post to Facebook, share your Instagram pics with the hashtag #beastiesofinstagram, or email photos to to feature in a blog post in the new year!