It’s That Time Again…

It’s just a quick one this Tuesday, as deadlines are a-loomin’. But I have an important public service announcement about orders!

I know it’s reeeeeallllllly early for this kind of nonsense, but…
Santa Beastie Among the Beans - E Torgersen/CrawCrafts Beasties… If you want to find a Beastie under the tree for a certain festival which rolls around at the end of every calendar year, now is the time to place your order!

You see, with Beastifications becoming ever more elaborate and complex, and after the wall-to-wall craziness of the final quarter of last year, and, well, most of this year, I’ve realised that I need to put out the call even earlier than in previous years.

From past experience, I now know that I’ll also need to move the cutoff point forward. So that means that…

Orders for Christmas close on Friday 19th October

to ensure that all custom Beasties reach their new homes in good time.

So please, if you’re thinking of picking up a bespoke Beastie buddy for yourself, your friends or your family, drop me a line now to reserve your spot! Here, you can even use this form…

And if that all seems a bit scary, don’t worry! I’ll be hitting up the usual markets closer to the time, with a whole gang of little monsters in tow… All of them eager to get out and start wreaking havoc in other people’s houses find their forever home.

Alrighty, time for me to get back to the teeny sewing! We’ll be back on Friday with some proper monster shenanigans to share… See you then!

12 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again…

    1. Thanks, Jan! And yes, between orders and teaching knitting classes, I’ve definitely been kept on my toes this year. Still, it beats working for a living 😉 Cheers for popping in!

    1. That I can’t explain. It’s not even good heat… It’s like soup outside. Come back, endless winter! All is forgiven!

        1. Yeah! I’ve actually forgotten what it feels like to be cold… How bad could it be?

  1. Wow, you managed to beat the stores around here with the year’s first hint of Christmas. I’m sure it’s only a matter of a week or two before the aisles turn red and green, though.

    1. Sorry! I feel so awful for mentioning it … I was even going to type “C*******s” in the post so the word wasn’t there! Surely Thanksgiving/Black Friday (shudder) acts as a kind of barrier to hold back the tide until late November in your part of the world?

      1. Ha! Nope. Thanksgiving is pretty much glossed over these days except for a small, tucked away selection of turkey-themed paper plates and napkins. They’ve started putting out back-to-school supplies in July so they can clear the shelf space by the end of August for C*******s stuff (school starts here around early/mid-September, by the way). Thankfully, they hold off on the Muzak carols until after Thanksgiving….for now!

        1. Oh no, not the Muzak! Have mercy! 😫 I think I mentioned before that a former workplace of mine added the cheesy C*******s songs to the shop playlist on Hallowe’en one year… I started job-hunting soon afterwards. I can at least promise there will be no music of any kind on this blog!

        2. I’d love to see you apply for another job and just put “Xmas Muzak” under your reasons for leaving that job 😂😂😂 I would consider a perfectly valid reason.

        3. Let the job hunt commence! And maybe I should do my gift shopping now too, before they switch it on NEXT WEEK! 😆

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