A Magical, Mythical Monster!

Finally! I’ve stumbled on proof that unicorns are in fact real!

Except maybe they look a little different to what popular culture and centuries of mythologising might have led us to believe… Perhaps they look a little Beastie-er!
Full Length - Unicorn Beastie by CrawCrafts BeastiesHey there, Unicorn Beastie!

This sweet little monster maiden kinda knows that she’s special.
Unicorn Beastie Closeup - CrawCrafts BeastiesI mean, look at her magical multicoloured hair, for starters…
Unicorn Beastie Hair - CrawCrafts Beasties… And unlike most Beasties, she gets to have a TAIL!

Plus, she woudn’t be a real unicorn without…
Unicorn Beastie Horn - CrawCrafts BeastiesTaaa-daaaaah! There’s the evidence we needed.

And Unicorn Beasties have revealed themselves to be surprisingly similar to rhinos – which we know exist – in that their horn is made entirely from super-compacted hair (ie, carefully sculpted needle-felted wool). Even the most hardened uni-skeptic couldn’t argue with that logic.

Of course, being a Unicorn Beastie meant that this monster lady had a few very specific wardrobe requirements. But her tailor-made floral print dress was easily adapted to accommodate her long, flowing tail!
Unicorn Beastie Dress Collage - CrawCrafts Beasties, Beastie HQPerfectly stylish! Then I thought she’d also need a handy satchel to hold all her magical unicorn accessories…
Unicorn Beastie Bag - CrawCrafts BeastiesWhat’s inside, you ask? Well, since Unicorn Beasties primarily eat pink heart-shaped cookies…
Heart Shaped Cookie - A Unicorn Beastie Snack! CrawCrafts Beasties“I’m just going to tuck this away safely for later…”
Unicorn Beastie, Plus a Snack! CrawCrafts BeastiesHmmm… We’ll see how long that lasts!

Aaaaand if you feel like you need a little monster magic in your life, you might be interested to hear that this particular Beastie is currently in need of a home! Click below to be spirited away to the virtual shelves of the Beastie HQ Store!

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Are there any mythical creatures which you think deserve the Beastification treatment? Let us know in the comments! And we’ll be back on Friday to share some more adventures from the Beastie family, so be sure to join us then!

38 thoughts on “A Magical, Mythical Monster!

    1. Thank you, Laura! Usually I’m a little reluctant to jump on bandwagons, but I couldn’t resist this one! 😀 Cheers for stopping in!

    1. Awww, thank you Tierney! Even I have to admit to being quite taken with her lovely pastel hair! 😄 Cheers for swinging by!

  1. Aw, this is wonderful!! I’m keeping a stash of pink, heart-shaped cookies on me from now on to lure any unicorn Beasties that might be lurking around!

    1. Heehee, thanks Tammie! Sounds like a plan… I might leave some extra cookies out myself and see what other magical monsters show up on my doorstep! 😀 Cheers for dropping in!

    1. Thanks, Tricia! I’m not usually a pastel-y girl myself, but I really liked this combination too! 😀

  2. I TOLD you that unicorns are real!!!!!!!!! Hahaha I love the way she’s doing a little hair flip with her paw in one pic. And that horn (or alicorn, as unicorn horns are called) is wonderfully impressive! It’s also adorable how your buttonhole stitch makes the cookie look like it has lovely little scalloped edges. I hope she finds the perfect home soon!

    1. Why thank you, Weekes! It means a lot to have a unicorn expert like yourself validate my findings… And thanks for introducing me to the proper unicorn terminology! Clearly I still have much to learn – turns out it’s a surprisingly broad field of study. 😂 Cheers for popping by!

      1. Always doing what I can for the unicorn community. That said, no matter how much she may beg, I suggest you keep her lovely alicorn honey-free by not creating a male mate….

        1. Ooooh, sage advice there. Wool + honey, never a good mix. Gaaaaah! I still can’t get over those weird notes from your unicorn book! 😂

  3. OH, she is so beautiful. Love the colors, the accessories … just everything!

    As for other magical creatures … cyclops beastie? medusa beastie? demon beastie with horns and red eyes?

    1. Why thank you! And YES! Excellent ideas… Especially Cyclops Beastie, since I’d have one fewer eye to sew on! 😉 I can’t believe I haven’t thought of raiding the classics for monster suggestions before – there are so many weird and wonderful avenues to explore! Cheers, Ivonne 😀

        1. Heehee, hopefully I’ll get a chance to take these ideas for a spin soon! Just a few commissions to finish up first… 😀

        2. Well, commissions are always good! 😀

          Can’t wait to see your new creations. ❤

        3. Ohhhhhh yeah! This is a good time of year for teeny sewing though… Lots of natural light. I should really make all my dark-coloured accessories now, rather than in December like I usually do!

        4. Oh yeah, tell me about it. I’m working on the limbs of a panda bear right now. Black is not my favorite color to work with in the evening. Gotta start with things like this during the day!

        5. Definitely! We had really changeable weather here yesterday, so I was grabbing my current black project any time the sun broke through the clouds! Daylight really does make such a difference when you’re working with dark colours.

    1. Heeheehee! Thanks, Hannah… Although I suppose it’s easy to be stylish when you’re a unicorn! Cheers for stopping in 😀

  4. The levels of adorable-ness and craft-genius that go into this unicorn are off the charts! The colours you’ve chosen for her lovely mane go so super together, the horn is beautifully done (it’s even got the swirl!), and her lavender satchel with biscuit is just… the most delightful thing ever and goes straight to the heart. Is it ok to want to devour felt? Because that biscuit looks delicious. Bravo!!

    1. Wooooah, she must be magical to earn such praise! Thank you, Shirley… I’m blushing here! Cheers for dropping in 😀

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