A Freewheelin’ New Beastie!

It’s been a while since we last met a new Beastie, hasn’t it?

Let’s fix that right now!

I wonder who this laid-back woolly dude is?Who's That Beastie? CrawCrafts BeastiesAha! It’s Cyclist Beastie! Here, I’ll see if I can get him to take off those wraparound shades so he can say hello properly.
Cyclist Beastie, by CrawCrafts Beasties
Much better! As you can see, this handsome fellow is all ready for a day in the saddle – he’s wearing a zip-up racing top (that coincidentally matches the one his new human cycling buddy wears) and he has a tasty snack on hand for whenever his energy levels start to dip.
Cyclist Beastie's Energy Bar - CrawCrafts BeastiesBut wait a sec… Aren’t you forgetting something, Cyclist Beastie?
Cyclist Beastie's Helmet, by CrawCrafts Beasties
That’s more like it!
Cyclist Beastie, in proper cycling kit! CrawCrafts BeastiesCyclist Beastie’s helmet is built to be sturdy and comfortable – the padding protecting his head is needle felted into place, to ensure an excellent snug fit! That said, I did have to leave a little gap to ensure that he could still wear his sunglasses too when he’s biking on sunny summer days!
Cyclist Beastie's Shades and Helmet, by CrawCrafts BeastiesI reckon he’s just about ready to mount up and hit the road!
Cyclist Beastie, all dressed up and ready to go! CrawCrafts Beasties(Although hopefully not literally – let’s hope he learns from his new family, rather than taking too strongly after his maker!)

Are there any other keen cyclists out there? Or are you more of a disaster on two wheels (like me)? Let us know in the comments!

We’ll be back next week with more monster shenanigans… It will be Hallowe’en, after all! Have a spook-tacular week, everybody!

25 thoughts on “A Freewheelin’ New Beastie!

  1. He’s super awesome! I love the cycling helmet. You are so clever and talented.

    I’m answer to your question, I can ride a bike but I don’t have the confidence to cycle on busy roads so I haven’t cycled in many years now. We sold our bikes when we were emigrating and have not replaced them. As such, none of my four boys can ride bikes. Is that terribly deficient of me as a parent?

    1. Thanks, Laura! I know what you mean… I’m the non-cycling black sheep of a family of bike enthusiasts, and there is NO WAY I’d take on the Dublin traffic on two wheels. As for the boys – well, I reckon if they wanted to ride bikes, you’d hear about it! 😆 Cheers for stopping in!

    1. Thanks, Tricia! There should be plenty more new Beasties on the block coming soon, so stay tuned! 😀

    1. Oh my word, did I? How brilliant! 😀 And it’s all the more appreciated because I never win anything, ever! Thank you so much, Tierney… My busy season has really kicked off early this year, so I’m less diligent in my blog-reading than usual! I’ll hop over now and see what you’ve been up to!

  2. Oh my, he’s amazing!!!! Love the helmet, snack, and salt ‘n’ pepper beard especially! Man, I feel ya–I am both a disaster on two wheels and a disaster-pedestrian to others who are on two wheels. I actually hold some pretty controversial views on cyclists … like, I’m not an enormous fan because they are seemingly always on the pavement TRYING TO KILL ME. But I feel confident that Cyclist Beastie will usher in a new age of pedestrian-loving cyclists who don’t zig and zag and do wheelies around us lowly walkers 🙂

    1. Thanks, Weekes! 😀 This is one of the trickier projects I’ve taken on lately, but I’m pretty happy with how he turned out! He looks a lot more chilled than many of the cyclists I encounter on my wanderings around Dublin, too – what is it about city cycling that turns people into kamikazes?! 😆 I’m happier being a lowly walker, thanks very much! 😀

      1. Hahaha I mean, to be fair to them, I’d be a nervous wreck and plowing into people if I had to bike anywhere on the treacherous city streets. Not to mention arriving at my destination in an absolute state! Dunno how they do it… 😜

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I completely rejigged the pattern from my old cycling helmet design, it sounds like that was time well spent! 😀

    1. Thanks, Melissa! Beastie gentlemen really can rock a beard – which is lucky, ’cause over here they’re pretty fashionable just now! Cheers for stopping by! 😀

  3. Can you make me a human-sized version of those sunglasses?! And are those shorts or is he participating in the World Naked Bike Ride Event (please please please let them be shorts…NO ONE should ride a bike naked). As for cycling, when I was commuting by bike to work (10 miles from home) I was racking up a few thousand miles a year. Now, traffic in Portland has gotten too evil and the bike paths are too full of homeless people in need of mental help to enjoy a pleasant pedal. However, I do have a lot of scars from a few very nasty cycling accidents, so maybe it’s all for the best. :))

    1. Well those Beastie-sized sunglasses are modelled on a human-sized pair… So remaking them again in human size either completes the circle nicely, or would result in a weird Chinese-Whispers-style distortion of the original! 😂 Oh, and you’ll be glad to hear that I can confirm that Cyclist Beastie is indeed wearing shorts. Why would anyone do naked cycling?! The mind boggles at the thought of the horrible injuries you could inflict on yourself if you fell off. Which I probably would – I also bear the scars of my inability to stay upright on two wheels! 😆 Cheers for stopping in, Tammie! 😀

      1. Ah, the mystical loop of sunglasses…the source of many ancient legends 😂 As for naked cycling, I don’t get it either. It happens in Portland each year and is the one time of year blind people are super happy about their condition. I mean, aren’t bike seats uncomfortable enough WITH clothes?

        1. Exactly! 😆 I caught one of those naked cycles in San Francisco a few years ago… There I was, sitting outside in the Californian sunshine, enjoying a nice salad and then BAM! Naked people on bikes. It was one of the rare occasions when I was grateful for the Irish non-summer – it would never happen in Dublin! 😂

  4. Awww, he’s awesome. And again he has sooo many details. I’m amazed. He is the winner of the Tour de monstre for sure!!!

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