She Ain’t Scary… She’s My Beastie!

Ghostie Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesHallowe’en fever continues to ramp up here in Beastie Towers, with the arrival of another spooky Beastie! Look who flew in through the window earlier, giving me the fright of my life – it’s Ghostie Beastie!
I Caught A Ghost! CrawCrafts BeastiesAlthough she’s a little less colourful than the other Beasties, she makes up for it by being surrounded by a haze of netting ectoplasm, which I presume is what helps her to fly.
Ectoplasm! Ghost Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesFortunately, I was able to manoeuvre her towards a darker background to allow you all to see her a little better…
Same Beastie, Different Background! CrawCrafts Beasties…And unlike most of her phantom friends, she seemed perfectly happy to pose for more photos!
Ghostie Beastie Smiles for the Camera - CrawCrafts BeastiesSo there you have it – concrete proof that ghosts exist! And, reassuringly, that they are woolly and cuddly!

Do you believe in ghosts? Let us know in the comments!

Aaaand … Not content with giving us a feature in the “Handmade in Ireland” section of their latest issue, the awesome ladies at Olann And also gave me and the Beasties the nicest shoutout on their recent podcast! I’m so glad I finally found a quiet moment to sit down and watch it all – it’s like having a couple of friends over for tea and a chat. I’d definitely recommend giving it a watch, especially if you enjoy the craftier, yarnier things in life!

18 thoughts on “She Ain’t Scary… She’s My Beastie!

    1. Hahaha! Well, if you can catch her, she’s yours šŸ˜‰ And that clip had me chuckling quietly to myself as I watched… It’s really been too long since I last saw that movie šŸ˜‚ Thank you!

  1. Wow, she is lovely … I can picture her flying around the house helping little spiders up the wall so they can weave their nets in the highest spots and farthest corners. šŸ˜€

    1. Hahahaha! Please accept one virtual high five šŸ™Œ for your punning skills! I’ll appropriate “Boostie” for Hallowe’en Beastie purposes until November 1st, then maybe Victoria’s Secret can make use of it after that šŸ˜€

        1. Ha! Seriously though, Victoria’s Secret really should have a Beastie model in their lineup… You know, to promote a better-rounded body image. I probably have more in common with a Beastie than the allegedly human females they use to model their wares anyway!

    1. Thanks! I’m sure you know how fun it is to mix things up once in a while… And while making this Beastie, I stumbled on a colour combination I hadn’t considered before! So that’s another one who will be joining the family soon! šŸ˜€

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