Beastie Treats!

Hurrah! If it’s Tuesday, it must be New Beastie Day! And since we had a no-show last week, today I’m planning to make it up to you all by introducing you to two (yes, TWO!) new Beasties!

First up… look who’s joining us for breakfast! It’s Fry-Up Beastie!
Fry-Up Barróg Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesCan there be any better way to start your day than a big tasty fry? Well, your arteries may scream “Yes! Quinoa porridge and three servings of organic fresh fruit!” but sometimes a hearty plate full of assorted fried goodies is just the ticket. Plus, no matter how busy you are, after a traditional “full Irish” I guarantee you won’t need to eat again for about 6 hours. Talk about efficiency!
Contented Fry-Up Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesThe fried breakfast is a familiar sight on tables across the UK and Ireland, but what you find on your plate varies depending on where you are. The least healthy variant is the Ulster Fry, my birthplace’s contribution to world cuisine, thanks to its traditional line-up of both fried potato bread AND soda farls. Truly delicious… but have one of those every day for a week and you’ll probably keel over!

Anyway, Fry-Up Beastie seems pretty content with his portion. Pop it up on the table there, so we can have a closer look!
Beastie at the Breakfast Table - CrawCrafts BeastiesOooh, yum!
Fry-Up Close-Up - CrawCrafts BeastiesLet’s see… Sausages, a fried tomato, bacon rashers, a lovely big puddle of baked beans, black and white pudding and a fried egg. A proper Full Irish… no surprises there, since eagle-eyed Beastie-spotters will already have identified this little monster as a Barróg Beastie, made of 100% Irish wool! I should also point out that all elements of this delectable Beastie feast were cut, stitched and embroidered by my own fair hands, making this a truly home-cooked meal!

And now that we’ve had a hearty breakfast, it’s time for… elevenses!
Doughnut Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesHey there, Doughnut Beastie! He looks pretty excited to tuck into his favourite treat…
Doughnut Beastie, with his Favourite Treat - CrawCrafts Beasties…And perhaps we should take a closer look at it ourselves.
A Beastie-Sized Doughnut, by CrawCrafts BeastiesMmmm… Strawberry felt frosting with embroidered rainbow sprinkles! Good choice, Doughnut Beastie! Although perhaps you shouldn’t eat all that in one go… It’s nearly the same size as your head!

Wow, for some reason I’m now feeling incredibly peckish! It might be time to raid the fridge…

We’ll be back on Friday for Flashback Friday, since it seems to have been a hit with many of you! In the meantime, what’s your favourite tasty treat? Share it in the comments, and I may immortalise it in glorious felt for my next round of gourmet Beasties…

47 thoughts on “Beastie Treats!

  1. Wow, Helen that looks great! You are very talented and I know how much practice and imagination this must have taken! So monster thumbs up! 😀
    My favorite meal is breakfast. I have no problem with devouring all of the above threats plus the doughnut in the morning and then not eating until the evening. I know that is SO healthy.
    Happy Tuesday from rainy Virginia, Ivonne

    1. Cheers Ivonne! I’m a big fan of breakfast too… So much so that I often go back for Second Breakfast, hobbit-style! It was nice to be able to share this most pleasant of meals with the Beasties at last 😀 Hope the rain has stopped where you are… We’re having a lovely damp evening here in Dublin right now 😆 Have a super Wednesday! Cheers, Helen 😀

      1. Nope, still raining. Not sure when or if that bright disc in the sky will ever come back. 😀 By the way, Germans do second breakfast, too … and I’m also very fond of 3 o’clock coffee and cake. I might have some hobbit genes in me I suppose. Fortunately the ‘hairy feet gene’ wasn’t complimentary. 😀

        1. Hahaha! Although maybe hairy feet could be an advantage as we head into autumn… 3pm coffee and cake sounds like a great idea, too! I might have to make that a thing in my house 😀

        2. Still raining here … coffee and cake is always a crowd pleaser. Of course I only do it for my kids and the monsters, selflessly I should add.

        3. Haha, I’m glad you got some sunshine for a change. 😀 Here we went back to ‘sunny and clear skies”, too. 28 C!!!

        4. Here the sunshine is gone as well. 😀 At least it’s warm 19 C … and I can get some tagging done – craft show season is getting close.

        5. I know, it’s scary how close it is! I want to get to some Hallowe’en fairs as well, so I reckon I’ll be flat-out from now til the end of the year. Good luck with your tagging!

        6. I have three things before Halloween and usually the craziness starts only after that. 😀 So as long as I have the time for this little things like tagging and working on signs etc. I’m doing well. 🙂 But I have to admit I’m not totally against that kind of holiday chaos. Usually I come up with some good ideas during that time. haha

        7. Hahaha, gotta love how inspiration strikes at the time when you’re LEAST able to act on it! I’m hoping to get to loads of markets myself this holiday season… Then hibernate for all of January!

        8. But that is great …at least nothing gets lost. I have a little book with all sorts of sketches and wild ideas … not to mention all the side notes on actual patterns. 😀

  2. I have never seen anything quite like those bacon rashers. How on earth did you think up that technique? Felt food. Whatever next!

  3. Beastie feasts! I love it. As a non-carnivore (I do eat some chicken breast and fish but am toying with returning to full vegetarianism) I never get much out of traditional fried breakfasts but somehow even just having the eggs, beans, tomatoes and tattie scone is comforting – and now I’ve typed that out I realize that’s still quite a lot of food.

    1. Dangit, THERE’S the title I should have used! I reckon there’s room in the family for a Veggie Breakfast Beastie down the line… Your version sounds super tasty! Although I’d have to include some mushrooms in there too, I think. I do love a bit of fried fungus! Cheers for your comment 😀

        1. They would surely agree, & if you added cream, that’s apparently good for you too, as it contains calcium, for your bones. I thinks it’s called selective listening, my Nana who lived into her nineties always said a little of what you fancy does you good ( I’m pretty sure she never ate a ‘low’ version of anything). So go on have an extra slice & cream too.

  4. Wow, there is so much love here! And I’m here to send more. The beasts are amazing and the realism of the breakfasts is incredible. So fun! Keep up the joyful work!

    1. Why thank you! And it’s nice to hear from someone who shares my enthusiasm for monsters and breakfasts 😀 Cheers for stopping by, and there will be more Beasties for you to meet on Friday!

  5. Mmmm. That looks good. Now I’m hungry….As for my favourite tasty treat I think for the fall season it’s almost always pumpkin pie…or pumpkin spice lattes, or pumpkin oreos…or… yeah, you get the picture. I’m a pumpkin fanatic. 🙂

    1. Yep, I plan to pretty much live on pumpkin and squash goodies over the next couple of months… Baked pumpkin, pumpkin soup, pumpkin risotto 😋 I always go savoury with my pumpkin treats though… Clearly I need to give the sweet ones a try!

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