We’re in a Treasury!

Etsy Treasury - The Essence of Kawaii by Terra K Chi

In some ways, Etsy is great. It’s so massive, and I’ve spent many a happy hour looking through pages and pages of handmade goodies that are breathtakingly beautiful, unbelievably cute or laugh-out-loud funny. I love the idea that I can buy just about anything from just about anywhere without ever having to stir from the comfy couch in Beastie Towers… and that I have the power to run a market stall that remains open whether I’m at work, asleep or busily knitting away with some choice murder mysteries playing in the background.

That said, it sometimes seems VERY big. Like “playground on the first day of primary school” big. And that’s why it’s extra rewarding when a complete stranger not only finds your little shop in amongst all the thousands of others, but likes something enough to tell other people about it. So thank you, Terra K Chi, for including Gardener Beastie in your treasury “The Essence of Kawaii” – this is the first time a Beastie has made it into an Etsy treasury, and we’re all thrilled!

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