Making Sweet Beastie Music!

Indie Rock Beastie... Again!

Yes, I know Indie Rock Beastie already got a good bit of airtime in my post last week. But I figured that since he is currently involved in helping out with some fundraising, that more than justified giving him a second guest appearance on the BeastieBlog. Plus, we really didn’t get a chance to talk about his guitar.
Beastie Guitar

Guitars are one of the most labour-intensive Beastie accessories to make… every piece is hand cut and hand sewn, and their small size makes this one fiddly task! Also, no two guitar-toting Beasties have ever been given the same instrument. My first one got a bright pink flying V…
Flying V

…Then I had to make a more Robert-Smith-esque guitar for my Robert Smith Beastie!
Robert Smith Guitar

I had originally intended to use the same basic template for Indie Rock Beastie’s guitar, but somehow it just didn’t look right. Since I am a stickler for such things/a masochist/insane (delete as applicable), I decided to embark on some research. And I came across this…
Gibson ES 325

(Image from

It’s a Gibson ES325, as played (and, I found out later, smashed onstage in a fit of pique) by Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill. The one shown in the image above perfectly fitted with my idea of what Indie Rock Beastie should play… and the colour of the body rather conveniently matched some felt in my crafting stash too! How could I resist?

I started by modifying my template to reflect the deeper, more symmetrical shape of this guitar…
Beastie Guitar Templates
… and raided my scraps bag for teeny pieces of felt to make the details! When I’m cutting out felt, I always keep any offcuts – they’re so useful for projects like this one because I can trim them to the right shape by eye, rather than cutting out tiny circles and rectangles from a larger piece of fabric.
Super-handy Scraps Bag!

Once the guitar body was finished and lightly stuffed, the last stage is to add the strings!Indie Rock Beastie Shirt

These are run from underneath the piece of grey felt at the end of the guitar’s body, and tied off along the headstock. Then all that was left to do was to place it carefully in the paws of my finished Beastie, and let him do the rest!
Indie Rock Beastie

6 thoughts on “Making Sweet Beastie Music!

  1. You drive me crazy with your creatures….I was thinking about my brother who loves rock music an awfully lot…..well,we are all kids of rock in my family….my hands had started to itch and make something inspired by your Beasties……

    1. Heehee! Go for it – I’d love to see what you come up with! I love making rock’n’roll Beasties, they’re my way of making up for the fact that I can’t sing or play any instruments… I figure they’re the closest I’m ever going to get to being in a band 🙂

  2. Dear Stickler for the details
    ……OMG how talented are you in creating such accessories !!! they say the devil is in the detail…. and how,
    Crafter in awe

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