Explorer Beastie Heads to the ‘Pool

Explorer Beastie in a Crystal Cave

So, the Pop Up Shop has popped back down again, and as I was unpacking the Beasties who didn’t find their new homes this time around, I was hit by a disturbing thought.

Um, where is Explorer Beastie?

OH HOLY MOLY! Did he sneak into someone’s shopping bag and venture off to parts unknown?

Fortunately, a timely delivery of some holiday photos stopped my rising panic in its tracks. He DID stow away in someone’s luggage, and I will be having words with him about that, but luckily for both of us, said luggage belonged to my parents. So I can rest assured that he will be coming home at some point, and he got to enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip to Liverpool. And he really got to see all the sights – here he is looking out over the city, with the Liver Building in the background…
Explorer Beastie in Liverpool

…And he followed this up with a trip to see some of Liverpool’s most famous residents!
Explorer Beastie Meets The Beatles

The Beatles theme continued, with a visit to Penny Lane…
Explorer Beastie at Penny Lane

…And then he headed off to the Japanese Garden at the Festival Gardens.
Beastie in the Japanese Garden

It’s lucky he didn’t send me this picture first, or I wouldn’t have known where to find him!

Last I heard, he was planning to see what the surrounding countryside had to offer… so I suppose I’ll be sharing those photos next time around! Stay tuned…

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