Postcard from Liverpool

Explorer Beastie at Ashford

Hello there, Beastiebuddies! My Beastiesitter Helen is very busy at the minute, so I thought I’d share my latest adventures with you myself. As you know, I have spent the last week or so visiting the great human city of Liverpool, and I thought it would be interesting to travel out into the surrounding countryside too. Here I am looking at the river in a village called Ashford – I wish I’d brought my curragh with me for this!

Further down the road, I found this place!
Chatsworth House
A palace fit for a Beastie king! They had even set the table for my arrival!
Dinner Table at Chatsworth HouseOf course, I was very flattered… but I politely explained that I had brought my own sandwiches, and then made my way out into the gardens to find somewhere to eat them.
Willow Sculpture

Success! I found this brilliant willow sculpture in the grounds of the house… perfect for a Beastie to hide in!


Suitably refreshed, I journeyed onwards to the Heights of Abraham. I couldn’t resist sneaking aboard the cable car… Look how high up I am!

Heights of Abraham Cable Car


Quite a novelty for a Beastie – normally we see everything from much closer to the ground!


Teatime at the Heights of Abraham



Once I reached the top, I reckoned it was time for a cup of tea and a spot of birdwatching… perhaps I might be able to convince one of the birds to give me a lift back down the hill!

Well, that’s all my news for now. I’m off to do some more exploring! I’ll be back with more tales of adventure soon!

Monster hugs,

Explorer Beastie x

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