Garcia Beastie, King of the Mountains! S Allen/CrawCrafts Beasties
It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Garcia Beastie… so I couldn’t have been happier to get a (virtual) postcard from his post-Christmas ski trip, complete with photos!

This little monster loves an adventure in the great outdoors – it’s the perfect chance to take a break from the hectic life he leads in London. So, let’s hit the slopes!

One of the best things about being a Beastie is that it’s easy to hitch a lift to wherever you need to go.
Hitching a Lift! S Allen/CrawCrafts Beasties
But maybe you should rent some gear of your own, Garcia Beastie.
Big Ski Boots to Fill! S Allen/CrawCrafts BeastiesNot Quite Right... S Allen/CrawCrafts Beasties

“Um, you wouldn’t have any Beastie-sized skis, would you?”

Beastie-Size Skis! S Allen/CrawCrafts Beasties
Much better.

Wheeeeeeee! Time to show those humans how it’s done…
OOOOOPS. S Allen/CrawCrafts Beasties
… Or not.

Still, dinner will help him to thaw out…
Dinner in the Ski Lodge - S Allen/CrawCrafts Beasties
…And then there’s the aprรจs ski to look forward to!
Apres Ski Shenanigans! S Allen/CrawCrafts Beasties
Oh, and at the end of the night, you can take a sparkly reindeer taxi home. It’s lucky someone was there to take a photo – this is the kind of story people don’t believe when you tell them the next day…
Sparkly Reindeer - the only way to travel. S Allen/CrawCrafts Beasties
All in all, a successful trip! Thanks to Suzanne for sharing the photos!

What are you up to for the weekend? Let us know in the comments! We’ll be back next week with more new Beasties on Tuesday, and another day out with Explorer Beastie on Friday… see you then!

Mia Beastie in the Mountains!

Mia Beastie in the Cable Car - A Szymura/CrawCrafts BeastiesB
Hooray! I always love to catch up with Beasties after they’ve left Beastie Towers for their new homes. This week, I’m happy to share some photos of Mia Beastie, taken just after her move to Poland a couple of months ago! Of course, she had to get there first… Passports at the ready!
Passports at the ready! Mia Beastie at the Airport - A Szymura/CrawCrafts Beasties
And don’t forget to check the size of your cabin baggage…
Baggage Check - Mia Beastie at the Airport - A Szymura/CrawCrafts Beasties
I think Mia Beastie was really excited to see planes for the first time!
Is that our plane? Mia Beastie at the Airport - A Szymura/CrawCrafts Beasties
Once she touched down in her new home, Mia Beastie started exploring pretty much immediately! Her first big adventure was a visit to Zakopane, a town in the very south of Poland, near the Slovakian border. Zakopane lies at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, and is a popular destination for skiers and climbers. Mia Beastie decided to tackle Kasprowy Wierch first… it’s one of the most popular ski peaks in Poland, and it marks the border with Slovakia, so you can literally be in two places at once.
Mia Beastie at Kasprowy Wierch - A Szymura/CrawCrafts Beasties
You can also take a cable car to the top, which makes the climb a lot easier. Well, Mia Beastie didn’t want to ruin her pretty dress!
The View from Kasprowy Wierch - A Szymura/CrawCrafts Beasties
Look at that view! And there was more to come…
Mia Beastie at the Summit - A Szymura/CrawCrafts Beasties
It was certainly a bit nippy at the top of the mountain, but the scenery made it totally worthwhile! Mia Beastie was also tempted to try her hand at skiing, but unfortunately they didn’t have any skis in her size…
Let's go skiing! Mia Beastie at Kasprowy Wierch - A Szymura/CrawCraftsBeasties
Soon it was time to come down again… the prospect of tasty pierogi for dinner meant that Mia Beastie wasn’t going to hang around in the mountains all day! Better head back to that cable car…Coming Back Down the Mountain - A Szymura/CrawCrafts Beasties
And apart from one hair-raising moment, when someone suggested Mia Beastie might like to recreate some of the action scenes from “Where Eagles Dare”…
Mia Beastie has a hair-raising moment in the cable car - A Szymura/CrawCrafts Beasties
…She made it safely back down to earth!
Mia Beastie, back at ground level! A Szymura/CrawCrafts Beasties
Let’s hope Mia Beastie has lots more adventures with her new Polish family! Thanks to Anna for sending me the photos ๐Ÿ™‚