Perseverance Panorama - Paddy and Plunkett

Paddy, Plunkett and a Little Perseverance

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a good week. I’ve been suuuuper busy… Expect to be meeting some new Beasties very soon, once they all get to where they need to go!

In the meantime, Paddy and Plunkett have spent the last few days trying to choose where to visit next. They’re taking all this lockdown travel very seriously, you know! And it looks like Plunkett has just had a flash of inspiration…

“This is going to be great, Paddy…”
All the Photos - Lockdown - H Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties “…They’ll never guess where we’ve gone this time.”

Perseverance Panorama - Paddy and Plunkett
“Woooooooaaah! That’s some view, Plunkett – it’s out of this world!”
“You’re not wrong there.”

Wait, do I detect a wry bit of humour from Plunkett there? Hmmmm…

And Paddy’s day is just about to get even better. Plunkett has booked him a rental car… Sort of.
Paddy's New Wheels - Paddy and Plunkett and Perseverance“Sweet wheels! Can I really drive this?”
“Of course!”
“YEEESSSSSSSSSSS!”Paddy Driving, Plunkett Leaving - Paddy, Plunkett and Perseverance“Wait, where are you going?”
“Rock hunting!”

Nothing unusual there. We all know that Plunkett loves a bit of geology! But he’s heard that human scientists are really keen to get rock samples from this place, and he wants to help them out.

And, after a fun few hours of exploration, the lads met up for a final photo…
Perseverance Portrait - Paddy and Plunkett… And to leave their mark on the place.
Paddy and Plunkett were here! CrawCrafts Beasties“Just one thing, Plunkett…”
“How are we going to get home?”

Ah. Well, I’m sure Plunkett will think of something. Hopefully we’ll see the boys back in time for next week’s post!

And where were the lads last week?

Stones Close up - B Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties
I don’t think anybody needed any help figuring this out… It’s Stonehenge, of course! Find out more about those spectacular stones here… You can even take a virtual tour from the comfort of your own couch!

And finally…

I should probably mention that a few of the images featured in this post are not my own. I’ll share full source info for the originals in the big reveal next week.