Beastie plus Kitty! CrawCrafts Beasties

A New Beastie… And Kitty!

Greetings, Beastie friends! It’s Tuesday again, and what better way to kick off your week than to spend a little time getting to know a new Beastie? Hello there, little monster… Plus kitty!
Beastie plus Kitty! CrawCrafts Beasties

I’ve noticed a natural affinity between Beasties and cats over the years…
Beasties and Kitties - CrawCrafts BeastiesIs it because of their shared curiosity about the world around them? Or just because they both have pointy ears? Either way, my first Beasties with their own feline friends proved popular at the markets we went to last Christmas.
Christmas on the Square Stall - CrawCrafts Beasties

Skip forward a few months, and I was delighted to receive a picture of this kitty owner Beastie…
Cat Owner Beastie by CrawCrafts Beasties… Enjoying some cosy feline cuddles in their new home!

However, it seems that this Beastie was also craving more monstrous company. And, under the pretext of creating a special gift for my customer’s girlfriend, I set about making a complementary cat-loving Beastie to make this one’s life complete!

Let’s start with the colours – the same as before, but I switched the main colour and the stripes for a nice yin-and-yang effect.
Blue and Orange Stripey Beastie with Kitty by CrawCrafts BeastiesThen, a black cat this time… With bright green eyes!
Black Cat - Needle Felted Kitty - CrawCrafts BeastiesEagle-eyed readers will also notice that the cat is sitting the other way around in the Beastie’s paws… So Orange Beastie and Blue Beastie will make a lovely matching pair when they’re together!

Now, one more picture before I send this woolly duo off to their new home. Big smiles, everybo… GAAAAAAH!
Ophelia Joins the Party - CrawCrafts BeastiesOh, hello Ophelia! No, don’t worry… I wouldn’t dream of doing a photoshoot without including you too.
Beastie Cat, Meet Ophelia - CrawCrafts BeastiesThanks so much to Rosa for this Beastie request… And for giving Ophelia an excuse to drop into the BeastieBlog for the first time in a while!

And to any non-cat-people in the audience – fear not, I’ll have a less feline new Beastie for you next week.

See you then!