Friday Social #1

Ooooh, it’s been a while since I posted on a Friday! But after my lazy sick day post a couple of weeks ago, I thought I might give you all a more regular behind-the-scenes look at life in Beastie Towers, and share some of the antics that the rest of the global Beastie family have been getting up to as well. I’m so chuffed that some of the little monsters who’ve left home recently have started to take over their humans’ blogs from time to time, and I want to make sure that those good people get the recognition they so richly deserve!

So, here are some of the Beastie-related fun and games which have been making me smile lately. Enjoy… and if you’re letting your own monster friend loose on your blog or social media, give me a heads-up to be featured in a future Friday Social!

Without further ado, then… Regular readers of my blog will certainly recognise the cheery purple chappie on the left of this photo. It’s Finn McSpool, who moved over to Portland, Oregon a couple of years ago to distract and torment help fiction writer Tammie Painter while she works on her fantasy series The Osteria Chronicles.Barróg Beasties, by CrawCrafts Beasties
When Tammie takes a break, Finn often accompanies her as she explores her hometown and its surroundings… but last weekend, the trip didn’t exactly go according to plan. You can find the whole story on Tammie’s blog – as well as learning what happened when Mortimer Stump went to work for Danford Balch (gotta love those names)!

And speaking of interesting names, why not swing by and see what Slartibartfast has been up to?
All-New Explorer Beastie, by CrawCrafts Beasties
This adventurous Explorer Beastie headed off to the UK just before Christmas, and now he’s hanging out on Planet Simon‘s new blog, Escribble. Before last week’s INSANE snowfall, Slartibartfast headed out into the countryside to enjoy the first signs of spring. See how he got on here!

And finally – check out Laura Beastie’s first appearance on her human’s blog, A Pict in PA!
Laura Beastie - Personalised Handmade Monster by CrawCrafts Beasties
There’s a picture of the two of them together at the end of the post… Let me know if you think I captured the likeness!

Oh, and there’s also been some fun on Instagram! Ivonne from Aurian’s Blog just joined up recently, and I was over the moon to see her own original monster buddy Katsching tackling the colouring challenge of my March calendar page!


I’ve been trying to do more on Instagram myself lately, and I thought that Joanne Hawker’s March Meet the Maker challenge might help light a fire under me! I’ll be posting daily, and following the prompts… mostly. I might have twisted yesterday’s suggestion of “Flatlay” just a smidgen…

It also seems like a really good way to share some of the day-to-day activities of my monster-making… and to have a nosey around some other crafters’ workspaces without getting arrested!

Speaking of which… I think I owe them a post! Enjoy the weekend, and hopefully I’ll see you all again on Tuesday, when I reckon Paddy and Plunkett might be stopping in for a visit!