Where are We? H Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties

Outstanding Blogger Award

Oh looky! We got an award!Blog Award Pedro L - CrawCrafts BeastiesThanks to Pedro at worldwidepedrol.com for nominating us!

Now, it’s been a while since I did an awards post, but I happen to know a pair of attention-hungry woolly monsters who would LOVE to tell you a little more about themselves.
A Snack for Paddy and Plunkett - H Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties

So, here are Pedro’s award questions – take it away, lads!

What would you say about yourself that can be surprising?
People are often surprised to find out how tall I am. They always think I look smaller in photos.
I think a lot of humans are amazed that we can travel by ourselves. They think Helen just picks us up and photographs us on her own travels, but that’s really not true.

Where do you live and what are your 3 favorite things about this place?
Plunkett: We live in Northern Ireland, and I think I like the beautiful countryside the best.
The Lads at Gleno Waterfall - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesPaddy: Yeah, and the beaches!
Paddy and Portbraddon - North Antrim Coast - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesIt’s also easy to travel around because it’s not very big.
Plunkett: Yes, that’s true. But somehow there’s still lots to see.
Paddy: I know! It must be some kind of magic!

If it wasn´t the pandemic and you could be abroad, where would you be at this moment and why?
Plunkett: The pandemic hasn’t really slowed us down that much. We’ve been some pretty interesting places these past couple of weeks.
Lockdown Tour Summary - Award - CrawCrafts BeastiesPaddy: I think he means ACTUAL travel, Plunkett, not just photoshopping ourselves into pictures. I choose LA!
Plunkett: Hmmm… In that case, Iceland! Lots of interesting geology there. Or I’d even go back to the Giant’s Causeway. I enjoyed our trip there last year. Why do you want to go to Los Angeles?
Paddy: To work on my tan, obviously. And launch my film career.

Either on blogging or arts or maths, what are your biggest inspirations and how do they inspire you?
Plunkett: I love nice, green, mossy places. Somewhere quiet where I can relax and watch the world go by for a while. And gardening! It’s so satisfying to watch things grow.Plunkett Likes... Award Post - CrawCrafts BeastiesPaddy: Action films! And fast cars!
Plunkett: You’re supposed to say why, Paddy.
Paddy: What’s to explain? Because they’re AWESOME!!

What are your tips to have a successful blog?
Paddy: Oh, tricky one! I think you should have loads of cool stuff, like high speed car chases and glamorous locations. We should definitely be doing more of that.
Plunkett: Or maybe just keeping it simple? Travel and banter with a buddy, for example?
Paddy: Hmmm… Yes, I suppose that’s good too!

What are your goals for this year and how do you imagine yourself in a decade?
Paddy: Be more famous. Then in ten years I will be SUPER FAMOUS, and a Formula One driver, and a film star with my own clothing line.
Plunkett: I’m pretty happy as I am, really. I’d like to see more of the world though, and perhaps add some more interesting specimens to my rock collection.

If you had the chance, what would you ask about me? (and I promise to answer in a future post! ahah)
Both: We heard you once visited Northern Ireland. Tell us more!

Outstanding Blogger Award, Part 2

Okay, now you know everything there is to know about Paddy and Plunkett! Next I need to pick out some nominees of my own. Here goes…

Handmade Habit


Tammie Painter


Simon’s Space


Daze and Weekes

Quiet Water Craft

For those of you who are up for participating, here are the rules: provide a link to the creator’s original award post; answer the questions provided; create 7 unique questions; nominate up to 10 bloggers; ensure that they are aware of their nomination.

Nominees, please don’t feel under pressure to take part! We all have a lot going on these days! But if you do want to share a little more about yourself, here are Paddy and Plunkett’s questions for you. They’ve cut the question list down to five as well, to make the whole process a little easier 😉

  1. Coffee or tea? (Or no hot beverages at all?)
  2. Where in the world would you most like to visit, and why?
  3. What is the most delicious meal you’ve ever eaten, and where did you have it?
  4. What have you made that you’re most proud of, and why?
  5. What’s your plan for today?

And Finally…

Where in the world were Paddy and Plunkett last week?
Perseverance Panorama - Paddy and PlunkettAnswer: Nowhere. Because they weren’t on this world at all! As spotted by some eagle-eyed readers, the boys have magicked themselves onto Mars. Overall, they enjoyed the experience, but Paddy says the nightlife isn’t really up to much.

Plunkett “borrowed” the pictures for this adventure from NASA’s website. This link will take you directly to the gallery of images from the 2020 Perseverance Rover mission – there’s some really cool artwork on here, as well as actual photos from the surface of the Red Planet! Enjoy!

We’ll be taking a break from blogging for a little while, to get caught up on some other bits and bobs. But don’t worry, we’ll be back to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with you in a couple of weeks! See you then!

Ooops! Or, Liebster Award – Part 2

Oh dear. I knew there was something a little off about my post yesterday, and it’s taken me until this morning to realise what it is… I somehow managed to leave one of my favourite blogs out of my Liebster nominees list! So please, drop everything you’re doing and go and visit Stitch Boom Bang! immediately. I’m a big fan of Heather’s work, and her witty, interesting posts always make me smile. You can also pick up some of her pieces for yourself at her Etsy shop!

Now that’s fixed I can go to work with a clear conscience! Have a great day, everybody 🙂

Oh Looky! A Liebster Award!

About two weeks ago, the very lovely Roma at Craft Odyssey nominated me and the Beasties for a Liebster Award. While we were all supremely grateful – her adventures in cottage renovation, crafting and keeping a neurotic cat and exuberant puppy in check never fail to make us chuckle – time to consider her questions and pick out some fellow bloggers to nominate always seemed to elude me. Until now! Well, better late than never…

Now, bring on the questions!

1 Tea or coffee ?
TEA. With a capital T-E-A.

2 What was the first book you remember reading ?
Possibly “The Nickle Nackle Tree” by Lynley Dodd. A few years ago, I was working in a bookshop and a new edition came in. Before putting it on the shelf, I opened it and had a flick through… it was like meeting an old friend again!

3 What is your favourite pastime ?
Hanging out with Boyfriend, watching horror films and knitting monsters. Yes, I can do all three at once!

4  What one item would you buy if money was no object ?
I wouldn’t buy a thing… but I would take A LOT more holidays.

5 Name an ambition you harbour
I’d love to have my own craft studio. Although I suspect it would end up looking like this:

(Image of Francis Bacon’s studio sneakily borrowed from http://www.francis-bacon.com)

6 Describe your perfect day
Cold and rainy outside, warm and cosy inside and no reason to leave the house! Extra bonus perfect day points would be awarded for the inclusion of copious amounts of tea, home-made tasties and craft beers. Oh, and if I were to try out a whole lot of new ideas for Beasties and have them all work out exactly as I imagined on the first attempt that would be AMAZING.

7 Describe yourself in 3 words
I couldn’t possibly.

8 What can you see from your sitting room window?
For now, more houses. But when the trees get their leaves back in a couple of months, it’ll be a jungle out there!

9 What made you start a blog?
I just wanted a place to showcase and archive pictures of my Beasties. I never imagined for a second that I’d end up as part of this great online community!

10 How did you come up with your blog’s title?
I stole it from the name of my little crafting business!

11 Where will you go next time you leave the house?
It looks like it’s going to be the supermarket. I lobbed everything in the kitchen into an improvised stew last night, so the cupboards are officially bare. Oh, the glamour!

Next up – the random facts!

  1. I can’t drive a car.
  2. I speak a little bit of Japanese.
  3. I lived in France for a year when I was a student.
  4. I wasn’t won over to the merits of beer until I was in my early twenties.
  5. I walk everywhere. Well, within reason.
  6. I grew up in Northern Ireland, but I’ve spent pretty much my entire adult life in Dublin.
  7. I once worked in an office for a year. That was enough.
  8. I’m a real wimp when it comes to spicy foods, but I LOVE mustard and wasabi.
  9. My one big indulgence is holidays.
  10. I’ve seen the Northern Lights.
  11. I still have real difficulty making lists of random facts about myself.

Thanks for reading! Now, the important bit – the nominations! I choose…

The Snail of Happiness – A blog about all the things that are good… handcrafts, living sustainably and, most recently, cheesemaking!

Funky Air Bear – For divine hand-knits, homebakes and life in Canada.

Make+Do – Lovely handcrafts and savvy business advice.

A Rottweiler at The Cottage on the Green – Okay, this one is a VERY new arrival… but I have a feeling Oscar the Rottweiler has a great blogging future ahead of him!

I’d also like to give honorable mentions to Tatie’s World and Beak Up Crafts – Roma already nominated them, so I’m sure they don’t want to have to come up with another 11 interesting facts about themselves just yet, but if you haven’t checked these blogs out already, you really should!

Nominees, your questions aaaaare…

1) Christmas or Hallowe’en?

2) Trip to the cinema or night on the town?

3) City break or sun holiday?

4) E-book or paper book?

5) Ghost stories or fairy tales?

6) What’s your favourite treat?

7) What’s the first thing you ever made?

8) What do you like most about where you live?

9) What’s the most interesting (or weirdest) job you’ve ever had?

10) What’s your favourite childhood memory?

11) What, for you, is the best part of writing a blog?

Should you accept this award, you’ll need to know the rules, which are:

1: Acknowledge and accept the Liebster Award by leaving a comment on the blog where you were nominated.
2: Copy and paste the Liebster logo onto your own blog.
3: Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
4: Answer the 11 questions put to you by the person who nominated you.
5: List 11 random facts about yourself.
6: Nominate and link to 3—11 other blogs you enjoy that have less than 3000 followers
7: List 11 questions for your Liebster Award nominees on your blog.
8: Inform your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.

And that’s it… looking forward to hearing from you all! Have a monster week…