Happy St Patrick’s Day, Everyone!

Hey there Beastie friends! Yes, it’s that time again… Can you believe that it’s St Patrick’s Day already?

This year, it’s going to be a pretty quiet Paddy’s Day in Dublin. But the Beasties have had me look out some old photos of past festivities, to give you all a feel for what would normally be going on in the city. Aren’t they thoughtful?

First of all, the big St Patrick’s Day parade! Many years ago, I lived in an apartment that overlooked part of the parade route… And that meant we got a privileged view of the performers in the closing stages of their journey from the other side of the river Liffey.

In my first year of Beastie-making, a little green monster joined me to watch the fun!
St Patrick's Day ParadeYou can see more pictures from this parade in the original post, here.

And if parades aren’t really your thing, how about a quiet stroll around St Patrick’s Park instead?
Explorer Beastie at the Fountain - CrawCrafts BeastiesThis pretty city centre park is the perfect place for a springtime stroll… And you can admire St Patrick’s Cathedral as you wander! It’s right next door.
Explorer Beastie Goes for a Closer Look - CrawCrafts BeastiesOf course, a St Patrick’s Day party is probably on the cards for a lot of people. Paddy Beastie will certainly be celebrating…
Paddy Samples some Buckfast - CrawCrafts Beasties(Please enjoy your Paddy’s Day drinkies responsibly)

And look, Plunkett has found some nice seasonal shamrocks for us all to enjoy!
Plunkett's Moss Photo - Sligo Staycation - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesYou’re also all invited to the annual monster celebration at Beastie Towers – remember last year’s festivities?

That party started out fairly sedately…
St Patrick's Day Beastie Takeover - CrawCrafts Beasties… But went off the rails shortly afterwards.
Beastie Party - CrawCrafts BeastiesSo, will you be raising a glass to St Patrick today too? Be sure to share your party plans with us in the comments!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

13 thoughts on “Happy St Patrick’s Day, Everyone!

  1. The Beastie mosh pit!! David and I tried to have a relaxing sit down at St. Patrick’s Park one evening. Of course, that was when the wind decided to kick up so much the tulips were leaning sideways worse than those drunken Beasties. Have a great day…hope the party clean up isn’t too bad.

    1. Heehee! Thanks, Tammie… Fortunately the party was a little less exuberant this year!
      As for getting caught in a micro-hurricane in St Patrick’s Park… Yep, Dublin is a surprisingly breezy city! For those of us who wear skirts a lot, careful examination of meteorological conditions is a good idea when getting dressed in the morning πŸ˜‚
      Hope you and David had a fun Paddy’s Day!

      1. Oh believe me, I’ve considered sewing weights into my skirts! It’s amazing how fast your hands can slap onto your skirt when a gust rushes through πŸ˜‰

        1. Ha! You’re not wrong – it’s probably great for the reflexes πŸ˜‚

  2. Look at all those smiling Beastie faces! Sure, isn’t that just what you want to see on St. Paddy’s Day? It has been really DULL and QUIET here……but on the up side, the sun shone all day. That’s a rarity for the middle of March!

    1. It certainly is! Isn’t it nice to see the sun again? It was a beautiful day in Dublin yesterday too… Hopefully that good weather will stick around for a couple more days! Thanks for popping in for the Paddy’s Day party, Queen Bee 😊

    1. Yes, it was a pretty sweet view. We were right at the end of the route too… So the performers would see that they were nearly home and give a bit extra for those last few metres! Cheers for dropping in, Tierney… Hope you and Mr Woodworker had a happy St Patrick’s day!

  3. Happy St. Paddy’s, Helen! Thanks for the sharing the festive memories. The shamrock is so pretty. A St. Paddy’s stroll + responsible drinkies sounds about right for us this year. Our Mayor surprised our city by going ahead with dyeing the Chicago river green (it was almost not going to happen). Hope you enjoyed your day. πŸ€

    1. Hahaha! Well, it just wouldn’t be Paddy’s Day without some random splashes of green, would it? Now I’m imagining your Mayor going on a solo run in the name of raising the city’s morale, and pouring bottles of food colouring into the river from the nearest bridge πŸ˜‚
      Hope you enjoyed your tranquil St Patrick’s day festivities, Shirley!

  4. That party is adorable! Love the little shamrocks too. πŸ™‚ Glad to see the beasties all enjoying the St.Paddy’s day fun! Mine was pretty quiet, but I still managed to make sure to wear some green.

    1. It’s probably the most celebrating we can manage just now πŸ˜‚ Cheers for joining the party!

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