To The Manor Born – Beasties at Powerscourt!

Hello there Beastie friends! Well, after a quick new Beastie pit stop last week, we’re back on the road with Paddy and Plunkett. Despite the very obvious appeal of sticking around in that cosy cottage at the Logan Fish Pond, the adventurous pair have moved on… And apparently hopped a couple of rungs up the property ladder at the same time!
Plunkett at Powerscourt - H Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties“Greetings from Powerscourt House, everyone!”

Wow! Plunkett looks right at home here, doesn’t he? Has he officially moved in?

“No, just visiting… And enjoying the view!”
The Triton Lake at Powerscourt - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesPowerscourt House is in County Wicklow, and it’s only about half an hour south of Dublin. You wouldn’t think it, would you? The house is set in spectacular and varied gardens, and has made Lonely Planet’s list of the Top Ten Houses and Mansions in the world.

And of course, the house has a bit of a tale to tell! It’s been here since Medieval times, and some of the stonework of the 13th century castle still forms part of the structure.

That said, what you see today is mostly the result of an 18th century facelift, commissioned by the 1st Viscount Powerscourt in 1730. The main work was completed in 1741, but the house continued to grow and change over the years. They added a whole extra storey in 1787, and there were more major refurbishments towards the end of the 19th century.

Then, in the 20th century, a fresh round of renovations were completed, in preparation for the house to throw its doors open to the public for the first time. But disaster struck, just as work finished in 1974… A fire started on the top floor, and reduced the house to a roofless shell.

And so it remained for twenty years, until they rebuilt the roof in 1996. Finally, Powerscourt House got its moment in the sun in 1997, when President Mary Robinson officially opened it to the public. It seems to have gone from strength to strength since then – what do you think?
Powerscourt House and the Italian Garden - B Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesSo, while Plunkett has been enjoying the spectacle of the house, Triton Lake and the Italian Gardens, all set against the backdrop of the Sugar Loaf Mountain, where has Paddy gone? I thought he’d at least be trying to persuade one of those winged horses to take off and give him an aerial view of the grounds… Oh wait, there he is.

Paddy Turns Japanese - H Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties

Wait a sec, WHERE is he? It looks like he’s in Japan! I thought these two always travelled together!

Ah, not quite. He’s gone to explore the famous Powerscourt Japanese Garden, which is packed full of pagodas, azaleas, Japanese maples and Chinese fortune palms.

So let’s follow the winding path across the wooden bridge…
The Japanese Garden at Powerscourt - B Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties… And wait by the stone lantern for Plunkett to catch up!
Meeting in the Japanese Garden - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesThe Japanese Garden was created in 1908 by the 8th Viscount and Viscountess Powerscourt, making it one of the newer features of the grounds. But funnily enough, the boys stumbled on one of the oldest parts just around the corner – the grotto!
Plunkett in the Grotto at Powerescourt - H Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties“Paddy, look at all this wonderful moss!”

Yes, Plunkett is a big fan of moss – it’s cool, soft and really brings out his lovely green complexion. Fortunately for him, you can’t go far in Ireland without finding some! And better yet…
Plunkett Finds a Beastie-Sized Waterfall at Powerscourt - H Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties“Paddy! It’s a Beastie-sized waterfall! I could stay and watch it all day…”

“No way, Plunkett! There’s still so much to see. Come on!”

Of course, we’ll have to wait until next week to finish up the tour… Be sure to join us then!


12 thoughts on “To The Manor Born – Beasties at Powerscourt!

    1. They really do! I’ve been meaning to go to this place for years, and after seeing this I might just take a day trip down there! Thanks, Mariss!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I do love a good Japanese garden – they’re so peaceful. Hopefully the boys weren’t too boisterous during their visit 😂 Cheers for travelling with us!

  1. I know Ireland is supposed to be green, but I didn’t think it was THAT green. Each photo just got greener and greener – little wonder P&P have green faces if they are surrounded by that kind of scenery all the time! Have to put Powerscourt on my bucket list after seeing this.

    1. It looks lovely, doesn’t it? And yes, very green… Although I think I’d like to see that Japanese garden now that autumn is getting into full swing. I bet those Japanese maples are putting on a colourful show! Thanks for popping in, Queen Bee!

    1. Hahaha! Same… A LOT of dead sunflowers hanging around the Beastie Towers garden 😆 Cheers for stopping in, Tammie!

    1. Someday, I hope! At least you can go there safe in the knowledge that it’s a Beastie-friendly destination. 😁 Thanks for joining the boys on their wanderings, Tierney!

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