Friday Social #8 – Beasties, Books and a Blast From the Past

Hey there everybody, and happy Friday to you all! It’s been a busy week here in Beastie Towers… But I’m not able to share the fruits of my recent monster labours with you just yet. Fortunately, other members of our Beastie family have been out wreaking their own particular brand of woolly havoc in the wider world – specifically, in the library!

Diligent readers will no doubt remember tierneycreates Beastie’s very first adventure a couple of weeks ago… To her local library!

tierneycreates Beastie in the Library
Photo borrowed from

Now, I’ve always known that Beasties had a love of the written word… As you can see in this totally legit archive picture of a REALLY early monster friend (seriously, this might be one of the first 5 I made) hanging out with famous fictional crime novelist JB Fletcher!

Schtocks, She Wrote - Classic Beastie Picture from the Beastie HQ Archives - CrawCrafts Beasties
Image may have been digitally manipulated/entirely falsified.

However, there does seem to have been a spate of Beastie library visits lately… And in fact, one Beastie has gone so far as to convince his local book-lending establishment to give him a job. Look at him there… hard at work!

David Beastie at the Library
Image borrowed from

Of course, it probably goes without saying that this little woolly guy’s first day on the job didn’t exactly go without a hitch. Check out the full story here – it’ll have you in stitches!

And Sinéad Beastie has also been out and about, enjoying the sunshine in her local park.

Extra points for the sterling example of Beastie twinning in this picture!

Oh, and for anyone who’d like to see more of Sinéad Beastie, I just added her profile to the Gallery on the Beastie HQ website. Check it out here, or take a moment to revisit Mermaid Beastie from a couple of years ago!

So, have you any monster activities planned for the upcoming weekend? Be sure to tell us all about it in the comments below! And we’ll be back again on Tuesday with more from Explorer Beastie – see you then!

4 thoughts on “Friday Social #8 – Beasties, Books and a Blast From the Past

    1. But of course! The first Beastie accessory I made was a book, so I suppose they were bound to end up in the library eventually! Thanks for stopping by, Mariss 😀

  1. I love all the Beastie happenings updated in one post. Someday you will have to get a convention hall rented for the Beastie reunion – ha!
    By the way, I think that library is very progressive to hire a Beastie onto their library staff! Sinead Beastie is awesome!

    1. Hahaha! A Beastie convention would be awesome… I’m picturing a banquet followed by a walkabout. Look out, museums! 😂 And yes, good on that library for hiring a Beastie! Hopefully he was just having an “off” day when the photographer was following him around… I’m sure he’s there entirely on merit, and not just because he’s cute and woolly. 😉 Thanks for stopping in, Tierney!

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