Sweater Weather

The Irish summer isn’t exactly known for its scorching temperatures and dazzling sunshine. In fact, sometimes you’d be forgiven for thinking it was already mid-October. But even so, these last few days, it’s felt like the season is turning – the breezes are cooler, and the sun is showing its face a little later in the morning, and turning in a little earlier every evening.

But that’s okay, because that means that sweater season is just around the corner… And as a knitter, I’m excited that my favourite woollies are nearly ready to be hauled out of storage and paraded around the town again!

However, it appears I’m not the only one who’s looking forward to chilly days and cosy knits! Some sweater-loving Beasties have been out and about a little early too!
Summer Flowers, Sweater Beastie - CrawCrafts BeastiesThe summery mallow flowers might be in full bloom, but Woolly Jumper Beastie loves her stylish purple sweater too much to take it off! Still, it’s actually a pretty good piece of kit for an active, adventurous Beastie – its natty top-down construction keeps seam bulk to a minimum and gives her plenty of wiggle room!

And doesn’t that purple match this plant’s flowers perfectly?
Purple Sweater, Purple Flowers! CrawCrafts BeastiesAnd this isn’t the only Beastie in the garden today… Who’s that hiding in the undergrowth?
Redhead Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesHey there, Redhead Beastie! She’s a BarrΓ³g Beastie (one made with 100% Irish wool), which might explain why she’s drawn to all that greenery!
Redhead BarrΓ³g Beastie, by CrawCrafts Beasties
In keeping with her Celtic roots, she’s sporting an Aran-style sweater, also made from Irish wool yarn! And check out her hair – I really must find out what products she’s using to get all that wonderful VOLUME!

Redhead Beastie also wanted a picture with the mallow flowers, so I was happy to give her a lift and save her the long climb up from ground level!
Redhead Beastie among the flowers - CrawCrafts BeastiesToo pretty!

I’m glad these Beasties are so taken with their outfits… Believe me, there was much anticipation as I was getting them ready!


You can find out more about these two Beasties by checking out the links below!
Woolly Jumper Beastie
Redhead Beastie

Do you have a favourite? Or are there any new Beasties you’d like to see landing over the next couple of weeks? Let me know in the comments!

Speaking of comments, an eagle-eyed reader (thanks, Tammie!) has pointed out to me that since I changed up the BeastieBlog a couple of weeks back, it’s no longer possible to comment on my posts from the WordPress Reader. I’ve checked with WordPress, and this is actually a technical glitch in their system, rather than a dictatorial attempt on my part to silence critics of the Beastie regime. I still love getting feedback from you all, and you can still leave it – you’ll just need to view the site online, rather than visiting through Reader. There’s also an option on the site to sign up and receive post notifications by email, so you’ll never miss an update again!

We’ll be back next Tuesday with another Paddy and Plunkett escapade – I wonder where they’ll be popping up this time? See you then!

51 thoughts on “Sweater Weather

  1. Hi ya, it seems comments from readers is working again. I like sweater season, it means I can hide under something wooly and cool of nice and easy if I want to! Will you knit me one of those sweaters? ;-P

    1. Woohoo! Thanks for the update, Simon! Seems like WordPress are pretty good about fixing things if you just get in touch with them. As for your sweater… I’ll get right on it πŸ˜‰ We need to get you autumn-ready! πŸƒ

        1. Hahaha, I always have great plans of making things for myself, but those Beasties keep muscling in on my knitting time! I do have a sweater that I’ve been working on since January that’s nearly done, and a couple of things that I want to unravel and rework as well. Expect to see them finished sometime in 2020 πŸ˜†

        2. I’m sure you could get your sweater done in time for the cold weather!
          Those beasties sure are demanding aren’t they? πŸ˜‹πŸ€£

        3. They do keep me on my toes alright! But it’s hard to say no to those little faces… That said, I maybe should look in on that sweater. I think I only have to finish the sleeves, so it could be ready in time for the cooler weather!

  2. Beastie Nudity! Bwah ha ha ha! That made me smile.

    I still don’t have the option to comment on your blog from the Reader (I just double-checked) but it’s fairly easy to open each post up from the reader onto the internet browser and comment from there. WordPress glitches are annoying, however. I had to go for several months with notifications not showing as “read” unless I went through them all in a web browser. The app just kept stockpiling them. So annoying.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Laura! I’m getting mixed reports, actually – one of my readers in the UK said he was able to comment, so maybe it’s a regional thing? I’m glad the slight inconvenience hasn’t put you off, anyway πŸ˜€ These things do seem to get sorted out eventually – I don’t think I ever experienced the notification overload problem, but for a while there I’d find I was liking posts which would then unlike themselves a few seconds later!

        1. No, not really… I’m actually impressed with how little disruption my recent changes have caused! WordPress have been very helpful! πŸ˜€

  3. Oh man, I sooooooo feel you, Redhead Beastie–just the slightest whiff of humidity and POOF!!!! I love autumn. I hope we all get some nice sweater-weather-days before the never-ending winter sets in!

    1. Yeah! Autumn’s my favourite season too – it’s the only time that the Irish weather does exactly what you’d expect it to! I’m hoping to make the most of the long hours of daylight that are left though… Somehow I always seem to end up doing my fiddliest sewing in the darkest months of the year!

      1. Haha I felt a bit that way when I was doing the million leaves on that William Morris thing in January, and I was like, ‘I will never escape from this unending foliage!’–can’t imagine bending over the tiny tiny work you do as the dark night sets in!!!

        1. Ha! It may be dark outside, but all the lights in my work area will be blazing! We’re talking autopsy lighting here. Have you done any needle-plying lately, or did your trial by foliage break your spirit?

        2. Haha no, my spirit has been broken/I haven’t had any time! Maybe I’ll take some work to Lisbon just to, you know, make my trip through airport security that much more prolonged and unpleasant!

        3. Ha! Is that even possible?! If you do decide to bring crafting with you though, a dental floss container makes a handy MacGyver-esque substitute for thread-snipping scissors πŸ˜€

        4. That is GENIUS!!! That’s what caught me up last time–I completely forgot I had my kit with my little scissors in the bottom of my bag and I set off all kinds of alarms!

        5. Yeah, I wish I could remember where I heard that so I can give the true genius behind it a virtual high five. Plus you get the added bonus of minty fresh embroidery! πŸ˜€ Did they take away your scissors? I nearly had a fountain pen confiscated once… Maybe the pen really IS mightier than the sword!

        6. Oh boo! Fortunately I got to keep the pen, after I turned out the entire contents of my bag and demonstrated how non-lethal they were! But I’ve actually posted craft tools home from holiday (at super expense) rather than risk having them taken!

        7. Haha I’m imagining Beasties strewn across the conveyor belt…’I’m innocent!!!!’ One time my mom was pulled over in security trying to take some antique cutlery home in her carry on bag. She was incredulous, trying to explain to airport security ‘but they are ANTIQUES!’ … ‘Mom, you have literally packed KNIVES in your bag.’

        8. Hahaha! πŸ˜‚ Oh no! I’m guessing she didn’t get to keep those, then… But at least they were actually potentially dangerous! A friend of mine was asked to turn her tote bag inside out as she walked through the airport because the design on the outside incorporated a gun!

        9. I mean, it was totally fair–my mom is definitely potentially extremely dangerous. But that tote?! That is crazy! Several people with actual guns probably paraded through while they were busy searching her innocuous bag.

        10. I know! πŸ™„ Well, hopefully your recent trip through the Scareport was uneventful at least!

  4. Adorable, and lovely to be formally introduced to the new additions to the Beastie family! Woolly Jumper Beastie is in perfect harmony with those lovely flowers, and I’m enjoying Redhead’s awesome mane and Aran jumper πŸ™‚ The weather is slowly turning sweater-ward here, too – time to squeeze some summer-living into these last few weeks. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes indeedy! I’m going to miss these long hours of daylight – I probably need to try to get all my black-on-black teeny sewing done NOW before the season changes πŸ˜€ I’m happy you enjoyed meeting these new Beasties, Shirley – thanks as always for stopping by!

    1. Hahaha! That’s it, I’m making “Beastie nudity is the best” my new tagline! And heck yes, there’s roller derby over here too… Two of my friends are actually coaches for one of the Dublin teams, and regularly compete with teams from the US! So yes, I’m trying to figure out the best way to do skates so that Roller Derby Beastie can become a reality! Do you play? (And is that the right term?)

    1. Oooh, lucky girls! You know, I think a pair of Aran sweaters would look very stylish on them…

    1. Thanks, Maggie! I have to admit that I’m already enjoying the slightly cooler days… It makes my walk into work much more enjoyable! And lambs’ ear is the name of the plant with the furry leaves and purple flowers, isn’t it? That completely escaped me when I was writing the post! πŸ˜‚

    1. Oh wow, thanks for finding us and taking the time to say hi! Have a fun week… And there will be a new monster adventure hitting the blog tomorrow, if you want to stop back in! πŸ˜€

      1. I checked out your monster adventure from this past week which I thought was pretty neatπŸ™‚ did you enjoy the eclipse? unfortunately I only got to see 75% of the eclipse being I wasn’t within the total range.

        1. Awww, thanks guys! Unfortunately I didn’t get ANY eclipse action whatsoever… I’m in Ireland, so there was only meant to be the teeniest bit of the sun covered at most, and it was a really overcast day. So for us the clouds did a better job eclipsing the sun than the moon did! πŸ˜† How did 75% look?

    1. Thank you! Now that the weather is getting cooler again, I see a lot of teeny sweater knitting in my future! πŸ˜€

  5. Hi Beasties, I’m in love with your sweaters! You look so stylish! πŸ˜€ … and by the way, the second picture is just perfect. I’m not a great botanist but is it possible that this is lamb’s ear? (how fitting! HaHa)

    Many greetings from scorching hot Mechanicsville where monsters rip off their sweaters in agony, ivonne

    1. Oh dear! Poor overheated monsters! Over here we’re already layering up with sweaters and waterproofs to keep the rain off πŸ˜† And you’re right, I just checked with my parents and the mystery plant is indeed lamb’s ear… You could be a great botanist after all! Cheers for your comment, the Beasties are so happy that you like their new outfits!

        1. Erk! I think the hottest it got here all summer was 29Β°C… And that’s hot enough for me! πŸ˜‚

      1. It was too cute! I am going to mention my future tierneycreates beastie and give a shout out to your lovely blog in a future post – you take such creative and endearing photos!

        1. Oh amazing, thank you! πŸ€— Any publicity is always much appreciated… The Beasties are such attention-seekers. I’m hoping to get under way with your design soon, but it might be a while yet! November is always so crazy! 😡😡😡

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