Paddy and Plunkett Rock Out!

All the leaves are brown… and the sky certainly is grey here in Dublin today! But it seems like not all Beasties are reaching for their hats and scarves, or bedding down on the sofa to rewatch “The Muppet Christmas Carol”.

Not Paddy and Plunkett, anyway… They’re still on holiday in Lanzarote!
Rock On, Paddy and Plunkett! H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesToday, their wandering paws have brought them to a part of the island that’s all rocks. Paddy’s not impressed – he had his fuzzy little heart set on building sandcastles. But Plunkett is in his element!
Plunkett and the Walls - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesThese local rocks are ideal for making stone walls, and Plunkett is determined to examine all of them!
Plunkett and the Walls - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesThis is starting to remind Paddy a lot of their trip to Arundel Castle, back in the summer!

Some of these walls even deserve a closer look…
Plunkett, with a Particularly Interesting Specimen - H Crawford/CrawCrafts Beasties…And at least that’s something Paddy can enjoy!
Paddy Scales the Walls - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesBy the end of the day, I reckon he’d even forgotten about those sandcastles!
Paddy, Plunkett and the Pebbles - H Crawford/CrawCrafts BeastiesWhere would you like to be spending this wintry Tuesday? Let us know in the comments!

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17 thoughts on “Paddy and Plunkett Rock Out!

  1. Lanzarote looks very appealing to me right now. I’m one of those looking forward to wrapping up in a blanket and watching ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’ and all my other favourite Christmas movies.

  2. I often find myself singing tunes from the Muppet Christmas Carol at odd times throughout the year. I have to say, sometime around mid-January, I’m going to want to be (nearly) anywhere other than the US…sigh. I’m with Plunkett – I love stone walls (although sandcastles are quite nice as well)!

    1. I think the boys managed to reach the best possible compromise that day, don’t you? And Muppet songs are great at any time of the year… Even if they are technically Christmas songs. Then again, if stores can start selling Christmas decorations in August, that probably makes it ok!

  3. Paddy on that wall … hilarious!!!

    We have 25 C here today … so I don’t even have to go to Lanzarote fuer warmer weather. But I would love hang out on the beach there. Looks amazing.

    1. Weeeeeird, in November?! I didn’t see that one coming! It’s even chilly here in Ireland now. Lanzarote has lots of interesting beaches… When I was there with my folks a couple of years ago, we went to a volcanic beach with black sand, and another where the beach had invaded all the fancy seaside homes that were built there in the 1970s. That last one was kind of spooky… I love exploring abandoned buildings!

  4. Only your boys could take to wall inspection to a new level LOL
    Plunkett must have been a Builder Beastie in a previous life.
    Sesame street has my all time vote it taught me how to say Da Niao …which means big bird in Chinese …a phrase I never ever used while in China ~ but there you go LOL

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