RED-dy, Steady, GO!

I promised to introduce you to a new Beastie today, and here he is! Fresh from the Beastie barber, it’s… Redhead Beastie!
Redhead Barróg Beastie, by CrawCrafts BeastiesIf I asked you to describe what a “typical” Irish person looks like, chances are that bright red hair would feature in there somewhere. Here in Ireland nearly half the population carry the gene for red hair, and around 10% of Irish people have hair that falls in that auburn-to-strawberry-blonde range. So I thought that a Barróg Beastie (my most Irish Beasties, made from 100% Irish wool) with luscious fiery locks would be an excellent addition to the family here at Beastie Towers!
Redhead Beastie's Hairdo - CrawCrafts BeastiesI used a wool and mohair blend yarn to get the perfect combination of vibrant colour and awesome curls – which means this Beastie’s hair is enviably soft and strokable!
Beastie Hair Closeup - CrawCrafts BeastiesThis little monster also insisted on getting his own teeny Aran jumper. Oh, okay then.
Redhead Beastie Models his Jumper - CrawCrafts Beasties(Any excuse…)Redhead Beastie's Aran Sweater - CrawCrafts BeastiesSharp-eyed readers will notice the lovely bright green stripes on this dark green Beastie’s legs, too – a perfect colour combination for this time of year. The trees here are bursting with fresh spring leaves, and Dublin seems to be getting greener by the hour!
Check Out Redhead Beastie's Stripey Green Legs! CrawCrafts BeastiesI still have a few Barróg Beasties to kit out with accessories, so you’ll get a chance to meet them soon! And don’t forget to pop back next Tuesday, when we’ll be seeing what Paddy and Plunkett have been up to lately…

Enjoy your week!

18 thoughts on “RED-dy, Steady, GO!

  1. WOW this is great! I love the way you knit so well those jumpers, I LOVE Aran jumpers, I have three here at home but have no chance to wear them, it’s bloody hot here all year long!!!

    Keep on!!!


    1. Heehee, sounds like you need to take a trip to Ireland! You’ll be able to wear your jumpers pretty much all year round… Plus you could bring some of that lovely Italian sunshine with you for us to enjoy! Thanks for your comment 😀

  2. Awww, he is so …. beastie-ish? ‘Adorable’ isn’t a compliment for a monster, is it? Anyways, I really like the hair! The color is awesome and the texture is just great. I would love to feel it. *haha*

    1. Hahaha! You know what, I never thought of that! Mind you, there would probably be uproar if we started referring to our ginger friends as carrot-bottoms 😆 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hmm…soft and strokable hair? If you ever get tired of knitting beasties, maybe you can knit wigs!
    He’s a very cute fellow…and a sharp dresser, all the lady beasties will be after him.

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