The Trouble With April In Dublin…

A Rainy Monday Morning - CrawCrafts Beasties… Is that we take the concept of “April showers” to a whole new level. I’d promised Explorer Beastie a day out yesterday (Other Work kept me pretty busy over the weekend), but on Monday morning we were greeted with teeming rain and grey skies. What to do?
What Happens Now? CrawCrafts BeastiesAnything outdoors was totally off the menu. And all of our lovely free museums and art galleries are closed on Mondays! Fortunately, I remembered about the Book of Kells!

The Queen at the Book of Kells, from
Good enough for the Queen, good enough for us! Image borrowed from

So I grabbed my umbrella, and Explorer Beastie hopped into my bag for the journey. But when we arrived…
The Old Library at Trinity College - CrawCrafts BeastiesOh no! Clearly everyone else had the same idea! What now?

“Hey, why don’t we go in here?”

Explorer Beastie's Plan B - CrawCrafts Beasties
“Here” is the Douglas Hyde Gallery, a small, FREE art space located just inside Trinity College’s Arts Building. I must have walked past it thousands of times when I was a student here, and I never thought to go inside! Time to fix that… Good call, Explorer Beastie!
Explorer Beastie at the Douglas Hyde Gallery - CrawCrafts BeastiesThe exhibitions change fairly frequently, so there’s always something new to see. The current one will be running until the 4th of May, and is definitely worth a look. We especially enjoyed Bill Lynch’s work!
Explorer Beastie in the Douglas Hyde Gallery - CrawCrafts BeastiesUnfortunately, it hadn’t stopped raining by the time we went to leave…
It's Still Raining! CrawCrafts Beasties… But we did get to pose with Douglas Hyde himself on the way out! It’s not often that little woolly monsters get a chance to rub shoulders with former Irish presidents!
Explorer Beastie Meets Douglas Hyde - CrawCrafts BeastiesAs for the Book of Kells… Well, we’ll take you there another day. And it definitely won’t be on a rainy Monday morning!

See you all next week, when I’ll have some more new Beasties for you to meet!

17 thoughts on “The Trouble With April In Dublin…

  1. Hello from rainy Virginia, thinking about what to do with my monster today and a art gallery sounds like tons of fun.

    1. Uh-oh! We’re not the only ones being plagued by April showers, then! I hope you and Katsching made it to your local gallery… Seems like monsters are a surprisingly artistic bunch 😀

      1. We didn’t make it yesterday … we went to plague our local knitting group instead. haha … But the art museum is still on the to-do-list.

  2. You need to have Beastie stand in line for you while you go have a cup of coffee. That’s what we did when we were there. I stood in line while my parents went and explored the campus. 😉

    1. Dangit! Good thinking… The lines for the Book of Kells are crazy sometimes, especially in summer. Although I have to say that neither of us were 100% taken with the idea of queueing in the rain that day 😆

      1. Can’t blame u at all. And when the lines are long outside that means too many people inside making it difficult to see anything. Bummer because it’s one of my favorite things to do, visit the book.

        1. Yes, the last time I was there I was joined by a massive group of schoolkids which did make it hard to get a proper look. But the Long Room Library is still spectacular even when it’s packed… I pretty much decided to go to Trinity after I visited that for the first time!

        2. I took a summer class there in 1999. That’s how I fell in love with Dublin and Ireland in general. And the library is one of my favorite places to visit. I took my parents there on our trip last summer and was so happy to see it again. I only wish I could explore the books! There are so many with such interesting history.

        3. I know! What I wouldn’t give for an hour just browsing through those shelves! Dublin certainly casts a spell, doesn’t it? I think I’d have a hard time living anywhere else 😃

  3. It was April the time I went to Ireland. It didn’t rain (well, not right away), but it did snow the first day we were there. At least Dublin offers up loads of free indoor stuff to do for humans and Beasties when the weather’s not so great.

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