Giveaway Winners!

How to Use a Beastie Calendar - CrawCrafts Beasties
Finally! It’s here! The last day of January!

And, as promised, the Great January Begone Giveaway draw was done at noon today, with the help of… the long-trusted maker of all my tricky decisions. So, who won?

For starters, the magic internet pixies chose three of my fellow bloggers – Lucy Ann (Lucyannluna), Noémie (Focalheart) and Tajana (Tatie’s World). Then we had a winner from Facebook (Rosemary Murphy) and one from Instagram (Eduardo Calvo). Congratulations! All of you will be receiving a Beastie calendar! And the randomisers have also selected one of you to adopt this sweet little fellow…
A Lesser-Spotted MiniBeastie, by CrawCrafts Beasties
I know who they have picked, but you’ll have to wait and see whose parcel he stows away in!

Thanks to everybody who entered – it’s certainly made January go faster! And there are a couple of the winners (Tajana and Lucy Ann) whose addresses I will need if you’re to receive your prizes… drop me an email at and I’ll get your parcels in the post ASAP!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

29 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners!

      1. Oh,it would be indeed! Do not even think to travel down here 😛 😛 😛 Seriously now, Italy never disappoints,just plan your trip wisely 🙂 If you ever decide to come down here, let me know,I’ll be glad to give you some useful tips 🙂

    1. Uh-oh! Sorry about that… For next time, maybe you could try bribing 3 random people in the street, in the offchance they work for Anyway, never fear! I intend to have more giveaways… I like the Santa-Claus-y feeling it gives me 😀

        1. Worth a shot 😀 I like to imagine that choose their employees at random anyway, offering jobs using a lottery system that doesn’t take qualifications or experience into account.

  1. Yeepee!!!!!!!! We are so happy here to know we have won! It makes bedtime way more fun to know we will have the rest of the year to stare at gorgeous pictures of Beasties! Thank you so much! 🙂

        1. Boy is convinced that the calendars are conceived by Explorer Beastie. He sometimes wonder if the other Beasties miss Pirate Beastie back at Beastie Towers… He imagines Beastie Towers to be this place full of busy Beasties doing all sorts of jobs 😀

        2. Hahaha! Boy is remarkably perceptive… Explorer Beastie DOES consider himself lord and master of the calendar! That said, Paddy and Plunkett gave him a run for his money with all their adventures last year. And Beasties are natural wanderers, so they expect their friends to head off for pastures new every once in a while! As long as they keep in touch, it’s all good 😀 Now I think I might borrow Boy’s idea and knit an army of housework Beasties to take care of the chores! Hooray, no more dishes!!

        3. I’d love to have a look in the notebook with all the bits of yarn sticking out behind explorer beastie… 🙂 it look s mysterious!

        4. Hahaha, my desk is so cluttered I had to check the photo to see which one you meant! Your eagle eyes have picked out my last knitting notebook… I’m old-fashioned, and I still use paper to count rows, invent patterns and record the yarns I’ve used. If you like, I’ll give you a peek inside in a future post!

        5. Yes please! I’d love to have a peek behind the scene 🙂 is your notebook made with square paper or just white pages? I find it hard to find good knitting notebooks 😦

        6. Cool, I might see if I can squeeze a couple of pics into Friday’s post 😀 My knitting notebooks tend to have blank pages (I don’t do that much colour work), and I find sketchbooks with a spiral binding or elastic band closure best – they can get very full with all the yarn scraps, labels and random funny things I stick in!

        7. 🙂 I love seeing people’s notebooks, I find it fascinating 🙂
          I was wondering, do you have a background in drawing / visual arts? 🙂

        8. I’m the same! A friend of mine posts her beautifully decorated journal pages on Instagram sometimes and I get serious notebook envy 😀 As for formal arts training, I have none… My art classes in secondary school were especially dull and uninspiring. Luckily, my family are crafty people (especially on my mum’s side) so I grew up making things!

        9. I would have thought you had some sort of visual arts training because of the beastie passports… The pencil drawings on them look so nice, neat and perfect 🙂 so that made me wonder… 🙂

  2. Thank you so much!!! It really has brightened my day/ week. I look forward to the arrival of my lovely calendar. Now do I keep it for my self or do I share it with the girls at school & put it up on the physics notice board. Oh decision will have to be made. Thank you again.

    1. Decisions decisions indeed! I reckon you’ll have to consult Luna 😀 Your calendar should be with you shortly, I hope you like it! And while we’re here, thanks for being one of my longest-standing Beastie followers 😃

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