Beastie New Year!

Explorer Beastie by the Fire - CrawCrafts Beasties

Happy new year, everybody!

Well, nice as it’s been to put our feet/paws up and relax over the holidays, the Beasties and I are now ready to launch ourselves at 2015. Let’s see what delights it can offer to a lady and her ever-growing brood of woolly monsters!

But first, a quick overview of 2014 – looking back, it was a pretty eventful year! It saw Beasties venturing into uncharted waters…
Diver Beastie
… Catching up with old friends…
Explorer Beastie & Garcia Beastie
… Dabbling in the arts…
Artist Beastie
…And growing to new heights!
Beastie Group
Together, we’ve been to markets, pop up shops and high street stores, so we’ve learned a lot about the best places to introduce Beasties to new human friends. And as a result, my little monsters have headed off to homes in some far-flung places, including Germany, the USA and Norway! I’ve also had fun making some personalised Beasties to order… This is Colm Beastie, who, like his namesake, enjoys running marathons and the odd pint of Guinness. I LOVED doing his hair!
Colm Beastie - CrawCrafts BeastiesI also made a sister for Explorer Beastie. She hit the road almost as soon as she was off the knitting needles, and was last seen enjoying Christmas dinner in Argentina!
Explorer Girl Beastie - CrawCrafts Beasties
And of course, Explorer Beastie has been popping up all over the place!
AmpelmannCatching some rays, Beastie-style

Chatsworth HouseExplorer Beastie on the TubeI’m intrigued to see where his travels take him in 2015!

And that brings us neatly back to the whole point of this post – what are we going to get up to this year? I figure that if I share some of my plans with you all on the BeastieBlog, I’d be that little bit more likely to actually DO them. So, in 2015, the Beasties and I solemnly swear to…

  • Keep in touch more often, with more photos, blog posts and Facebook updates
  • Revive and revitalise our Etsy store
  • Hang out at markets more, because we always have a great time there
  • Learn some new skills – just to keep things interesting!

Stay tuned to see how we get on… and thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello during 2014. Hopefully you’ll stick around and follow us on more monster adventures! And we’d love to hear your plans for the coming year – how will you be spending 2015?

11 thoughts on “Beastie New Year!

  1. It sounds like Boy Scout / Girl Guide Beastie has insisted on promise to confirm your obligations for 2015 LOL
    I’m very impressed with how Beastie world domination is taking hold … Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

    1. Heehee! Maybe I should knit a Brown Owl to keep me in check and make sure I stick to my plans! Thanks for your kind words, and for being such a big supporter of the Beasties this year πŸ™‚

        1. Oh wow, lucky you! Norway has to be one of my favourite places on earth… It’s stunningly beautiful, laid back and the people there are so friendly. I saw your home-made cheeses on your blog the other day, too – they looked super tasty!

    1. Why thank you! It will be a couple of days before I’ll get a chance to answer your questions, but bear with me… It’s a busy time at Other Work! Looking forward to checking out the other blogs you nominated too πŸ™‚

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